Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mid Week Perk Me Up

I accidentally bought a necklace. Technically, this isn't a new necklace because I've had the same necklace in another stone but I lost it and so, I'm REPLACING it. So again, technically, I didn't really buy stuff, I merely replaced. 
To say that I've had a crazy week would be an understatement considering I was so busy I didn't have time to pee till 4pm on Monday. The crazy week would be spilling over to the weekend too as I have the misfortune of being mobilized at work this Saturday. Pretty full on for the second week of my new gig. Right at the deep end of the pool but I'm actually swimming fine! Despite the ridiculous rush and madness, I'm thriving on the adrenaline rush cos time passes real fast! Before you know it, it's time to go home! So I deserve a necklace! 

And hello my jade Healing Gem necklace from Dogeared, one of my favorite brands of affordable accessories from the US. I love it's super simple with just a drop of jade (available in many other stones as well as in sterling silver too). Perfect for layering but it's equally beautiful when it's worn alone too. I had so much problem sticking to just buying one but the green and gold combination makes it pop. 
The number one peril of working in town is compulsive shopping! What was supposed to be an innocent trip to follow my colleague to pick up something ended up with me getting a new Dogeared necklace. I'll need to be a hell lot more disciplined these days. Wish me luck!


jason said...

What can i say but "u win already lor"!! Some more the new higher pay - hahahaha....... retailers will love you even more! lolz.... what ever happened to Chinese Jew?

B said...

Chinese Jew had a day off the concentration camp?

But but but....

I've slogged like a dog for the last week or so!! And, in the last two days, I did the followings:

Conducted two media interviews with international media

Translated THREE(!!) press releases from ENGLIGH TO CHINESE in ONE DAY. How fucking tough is that????? With jargons and shit no less!

Rewritten 2 horrid full length ad copies

Made arrangement for international press trip this saturday

Answered a couple of press inquiries from ST. Look it might seem easy but I'm merely a week old there so it's something!

So, erm, therefore, erm I deserve a necklace!

Aiyah it's not even pricey stuff. It's more like affordable cheap thrill!

Oh plus, here comes my amazing PR see, despite being crazy busy and really getting slaved away like a mother fucking donkey, I have strangely been enjoying this crazy ride. So this little necklace serves as a reminder of the importance of keeping this enthusiasm and passion alive in months to come when the initial thrill dies down. So it is indeed required. Not to mention it's helped boost the economy!

jason said...

*faintzzzz* You can definitely be a highly paid/sought after spin doctor in time to come!!

Anonymous said...

Hi MIss B!

Where can I find dogeared in Singapore? I absolutely love the designs.


B said...

@jason, sadly I'm not paid big bucks!! Mehhh!

@Jan, Dogeared is available at Eclecticism, their boutique is at Wisma Atria level 1 but Lauren Jasmine by Eclecticism at Pacific Plaza carries them too. Have fun shopping! They're absolutely lovely!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!


aya_leng said...

I love Dogeared products, too!!! I am in talks with them to bring their product to my company's shopping portal. Hehe...

B said...

Awesome!! Sell them at good price please!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! May I know roughly what's the price range or Dogeared necklace in Singapore? Thanks :)

B said...

Hi, Dogeared is available at Electicism at Wisma Atria :)


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