Friday, November 11, 2011



I've just started a new job and have been kinda busy and thus the lack of posts!

Meanwhile, I've picked up a new hobby and it's making homemade raw pet food. Yes, I'm saying goodbye to the evil commercial pet food that's actually harmful to our furry companion pets after speaking with the super awesome vet Jean Paul Ly who specializes in animal nutrition, and much research later, I'm sold that homemade RAW pet food is the best way to go. Evil profit-oriented pet food companies are probably gonna burn in hell scooping animal poo next time for all the horrible and unhealthy pet food they produce for our furry friends!

But yes, I'm actually having fun making pet food every week for my lovely cat Mr Bond! And seeing him eat up my concoction has been such a rewarding feeling! Will do a post on pet food soon cos I feel obliged to spread the healthy pet food gospel a little!

Now stay tuned!

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