Tuesday, November 01, 2011

November Muse

Hello from Hong Kong! It's already November!!!
Reading: Deluxe. How Luxury lost its lustre by Dana Thomas. In my previous blog post, I wrote about counterfeit goods and how it's a vicious trade that's more than buying a couple of fake bags. A lot of the info came from the book and now I'm reading the entire book. Dana Thomas' book expounds on the history of luxury goods and how the luxury industry is no longer true to its milieu with the emergence of counterfeit business. It's an extremely interesting read!

Listening to: Smash by Martin Solveig. Very happy tunes, especially Hello featuring Dragonette. Perfect for my break in Hong Kong now. Happy music and very snappy.

Drinking: Rainforest Ultimate Acai Meal Replacement. My TCM doctor ordered me to up my protein intake to counteract fatigue. Clearly, my mostly vegetarian diet (probably 95% with some occasional sashimi) isn't giving me enough protein, so roll in the Rainforest Ultimate Acai Meal Replacement. It's a plant protein based shake that gives 25g of protein per shot with an additional dose of nutritious Acai berry. Perfect protein supplement for me.

Using: Ettusais Mineral BB Powder. My Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder died a sudden death thanks to my maid. She dropped it into the toilet bowl and flooded all the powder. End of story. So i bought the Ettusais Mineral BB Powder and it's so good I feel that the Jurlique is destined to fall into the toilet bowl instead! The powder is silky fine and goes on smoothly for a nice even finish. The coverage is light but it's precisely what I want. It's got pretty good staying power for a powder and it does cut shine too. It's a good lighter alternative to the Ettusais Sparkling Pack which I super love too.

Wearing: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume. I'm revisiting this old favorites. So fresh and I just never get sick of it.

Zara Sequin Skirt. The awesome perfect sequin skirt! It's not too sparkly in this nice nude shade. Pair it with a crisp white shirt and a pair of nude pumps for a sophisticated look that can bring you from day to night. I love it!

Loving: My new Balenciaga Giant Work bag in black and rose gold hardware. I've decided that I kinda hate the Celine Luggage Tote for the simple reason that it's never available. They literally get snapped up the moment they hit the store and honestly, that kind of crazy obsession with it really puts me off wanting one. So when I saw the Balenciaga Giant Work in black and rose gold hardware, I went for it cos I've been wanting the black and rose gold combination for awhile and here it is! A new addition to my Balenciaga family. I'm loving the bigger size than my purple City, very roomy and I love big bags.

Bose QC15 Headphones! I got this as one of my birthday "package" from the amazing Mr Bear. It's such a god sent for flight as it cuts out all the noisy airplane engine sound and you get some lovely quiet time on the plane. It comes with an adapter for the in-flight entertainment system so you can watch movies with awesome sound! Amazing!!

Lusting after: Lanvin flats! I'm always willing to splurge on bags cos good ones last forever, but when it comes to shoes, I'm a total Scrooge cos you stomp on them and then they die. But these Lanvin flats are so damn freaking comfy and well made that I'm really trying very very hard to resist!!


Anonymous said...

Good evening There, I was wondering which result did you get with Ultimate Acai Meal Replacement. I am thinking to give it a try :)

Great thanks

B said...

Hi there, the Ultimate Acai Meal Replacement is okay. I have to use soy milk to make the drink cos it'll be richer and more filling. Using water alone is just blah in terms of taste and "texture" and it'll only feel more like a shake or smoothie if you use soy milk or milk. It tastes pretty decent and not disgusting or artificial which is good.

Result wise I can't really comment cos I'm drinking it as a supplement to my protein intake since I'm on a mostly vegetarian diet. But my friend who takes it said that it fills her up enough to be a proper meal replace. Sometimes after my hard core yoga session at night, I would just drink this and skip dinner and I don't really get too hungry or anything. So it's not too shabby if you intend to use it to fill you up.

But I don't think I notice any weight loss though then again, I wasn't trying too hard. It's worth a try for sure :) Hope this helps!


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