Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

I don't eat Turkey (or meat in general) but I think Turkey Day aka Thanksgiving trumps Christmas.So while eating my Tofurky (aka tofu turkey) with cranberry sauce, here are the things I'm thankful for (an abridged version of course):
  • A roof over my head, enough food to keep me nourished, warm comfy bed (with high thread-count egyptian cotton sheets no less!), and great aircon
  • Hot showers on demand (I know how it's like to have no water for days while being stuck in the lethal Typhoon Morakat in 2009)
  • Relatively good health
  • Family, despite not having them around all the time. I love my parents and sister despite at times we drive each other crazy
  • Having a good upbringing and education my folks gave me
  • The amazing Mr Bond. The best cat ever whom I love to bits
  • My awesome boyfriend who's also my bff
  • The fact that I have a new job that pays better
  • Lovely friends
  • Grey's Anatomy (but I'm angry the next episode is only 3 Jan 2012! Argh cliff hanger woes)
  • NW Tabloid...sorry, but I love my tabloids
  • Accidentally discovered I actually have a $500 travel allowance every month today! Woohoo!
  • Having a fabulous bag collections and a decent wardrobe
And last but not least.....
  • For all the evil people/frenemies/assholes/busy comfort cabs/nay sayers/shit experiences in my life cos they're life's best teachers
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Anonymous said...

yes, indeed another season to give thanks and remain gratitude for our blessing, no matter how small, they give us smile and joy.

and here is another item to give thanks to, for bmuses in real life, you are so pretty. hehe that's another thanksgiving too, adding beauty and inspiration to the world

B said...

Omg that's like one of the most horrid photos of me! I was at my heaviest 2 years ago and my face was so chubby! :s

Ok thank god I lost those kilos!!


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