Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rainbow Connection

Sometimes all it takes is just a nice name for successful marketing. A self-proclaimed muppets fan whose childhood songs included The Rainbow Connection, it's illegal for me to not own the OPI Rainbow Connection from the Muppets Holiday Collection!
It's pretty festive with multi colour glitters and I'm gonna wear it solid. The trick is to paint it with a dabbing movements to deposit all the glitters so they fully pave the nails before sealing it with a thick layer of top coat. I love the metallic look it gives and I absolutely LOVE IT! It's very bling!


Anonymous said...

i had that same polish on my toes until a few days ago; a total bitch to remove, good luck! -hl

B said...

Oh I know! Glitter is a total bitch but the oil-based nail polish remover I use from Sante makes it a bit easier cos it doesn't evaporate out.


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