Friday, March 09, 2012

Arm Party Additions

It's a fact that my recent trip to Hong Kong was historical because I bought the least amount of things, but truth be told, I still bought some. Just that it was nothing like how it was in the past where I bought so much I needed to buy a new suitcase type of scenario. Some of my very few loots are these lovely arm candy to add on to my arm party from a hole-in-a-wall shop called Amelie from a out-of-the-way mall in the faraway Yuen Long. I just happen to love the shop cos they do such lovely accessories that I'll make a pilgrim trip to this accessories treasure trove every time I get back to dim sum land.

I just love these ones cos they're simple and perfect for stacking into an arm party. The best part is that they're super affordable, retailing at about 20 bucks SGD each. Love them to bits!

With the success of minimal shopping in Hong Kong came the maximum challenge of minimal shopping for my impending trip to New York City this Sunday. The Big Apple's insane network of 468 train stations is a piece of cake. Navigating the urban jungle is potentially my super power, but resisting all the cool stuff in the 9 million cool shops in NYC might just be my Kryptonite. Going to NYC is not in line with my consumerism reformation! Resistance might really be futile but I would try! Excitement!


Tiffany said...

hi bertha,

sorry to chip in a talk on "garlic" :) once u have been doing a lot of research and raving on garlic, do you take any garlic pill now? currently i am taking the black garlic pill (can be found in watson, pharmacy) and wonder if i can combined with fish oil or vitamin E? any idea? saying this as both fish oil and garlic are anti inflammatory ma so can boost up effectiveness if taken together? what do you think ? thanks

B said...

Hi Tiffany,

Sorry for the late reply. Been in New York and way too busy.

Anyway, yes, I still take garlic pills now and then though not everyday. I take it when I'm about to fall sick or when I'm sick. Sometimes as and when I remember haha...I take aged garlic though, this brand called Kyolic which is found at Nature's Farm. I don't think there's any problem taking fish oil, vit E and garlic together. Alternatively, you can try taking it at different times of the day if you're concerned :)


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