Thursday, March 22, 2012

New York Minute Part 4: Shopping the Big Apple

I'm proud of myself. I didn't burn a hole in my pocket in New York. I guess the consolation for having a short trip there is that the limited amount of time available for my free and easy excursion also limited the opportunities for me to swipe the plastic. But since not buying anything at all for remembrance sake while traveling is bordering on being illegal, I did what I consider as minimal damage. If you're hoping to see truckloads of shopping, then I'm sorry as this post is probably gonna be a let down because I'm proud to announce that I'm really a reformed shoppaholic.

Anyhow, you might have already seen the limited edition Tsumori Chisato for Laduree candle in my previous post and just because you asked nicely, here's the rest of my haul. Nothing crazy.

The first few things I bought ended up in my stomach as they were a couple of cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery. After Magnolia and with one cupcake in one hand, another in my mouth and teeth stained with chocolate, I stomped my way to Satya Jewelry at West Village down Bleecker Street between Christopher Street and 10th Street. Viola! I got myself the turquoise Rest Assured Bracelet from their Spring 2012 collection with a delicate gold plated chain and lotus design printed on a small disc.

Satya Jewelry has been a favorite since I saw it being featured in Yoga Journal 8 years ago or so. What I love about the brand is that on top of beautiful jewelry, they're a philanthropic organization with The Satya Foundation , donating part of their profit to children around the world. Their creations combine colorful semi-precious stones with sacred symbols (like the Om, lotus, Star of David etc) and clean lines for a collection of classic elegant jewelries you can wear individually or in layers. I'm a sucker for stackable jewelries and Satya has been doing them way before the whole layering craze started. With my new resolution to spend wisely, I had a major battle trying to pick just one thing to buy. Such first world pain! Turquoise tends to win in any semi-precious stones contest due to my affinity with it. So a turquoise bracelet it was and how I love it.

If there's one shop in New York I could have in Singapore, it would be the Whole Food Market. Selling all things organic and wholesome, Whole Food Market is one of my favorite spots in NYC where you can pick up organic everything, from fresh produce, prepared food (like salads and such), flowers, toiletries and home stuff. It's essentially a giant organic supermarket and I took the opportunity to pick up some organic toiletries which are slightly cheaper in the US.

  • Suki Body Velvet Moisturizing Cream
  • Burt's Bees Radiance Night Cream
  • Aubrey's Organic Moisturizing Mask with Sea Buckthorn and Cucumber
  • Hemp Organics Lip Tint in Wine
Oops spot the odd one out! Yes, Nars Blusher in Orgasm was bought from the Sephora along Broadway. It's not clean make up as it's not organic but then I made an exception as it really is one of my favorite blushes. A corny friend said I "went down Broadway and bought myself some orgasm"....not funny.

Then here's the "other people's stuff" with chocolates for the office from the iconic fine food purveyor Dean & Deluca. Their SOHO flagship outlet at 560 Broadway is absolutely amazing with the best of everything you can get from a premium grocer. It would probably be the last time I need to buy Dean & Deluca's products from New York or their outlets in other countries cos Dean & Deluca is coming to Singapore this June. Amazeballs! I can't wait!

Yes that's very much it. Okay, I also bought quite a bunch of work out clothes from Lululemon which isn't shown here but it wasn't even that much to begin with. Many of my friends were surprised by my ability to restrain myself. Impressed much?


    Tiffany said...

    and the damage for Satya Jewelry is...? :P

    congrats to our newly reformed shopper, lol! maybe you didn't buy a lot, hence u walk down the broadway with orgasm! hahahaha!!

    dear, where is dean deluca opening in this June? didn't see their new location in:

    i hope they sell some organic honey! i read honey is a natural anti inflammatory properties and cures woes naturally, anyway a good staple for good health.

    B said...

    Hi Tiffany, the bracelet is not very expensive, it's about 78 USD only. Haha.

    Dean & Deluca will be at Orchard Central Level 4. Opening sometime in June. I'm actually there for its work trip haha. They would have a lot of great products and I know they're bringing this amazing honey comb which I LOVE. Look out for it in June :)

    Anonymous said...

    I think you just bought tons of stuff like Christian Louboutins and Chanel but you're just not telling us!

    B said...

    Haha! I can only wish that what you said were true!!! If only! But nope, this really is all I got!

    Ling said...

    hey! where is your photo of yourself in NYC? :P

    show us lei!! :)

    B said...

    Haha I'm camera shy and I don't really take pictures of myself. Not really into posting pictures of myself up too much! All the photos of me are with all the rest of the people whom I went NYC with. If they gimme the photos, maybe I'll post one or two up. We'll see :p

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Miss B,

    I love turquoise jewelry too! If you're interested, you might want to check out -

    Love the collections.

    -a loyal blog reader

    B said...

    Hi there, thanks for sharing! They look pretty nice! I like those perfume vial necklace! :)


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