Monday, March 26, 2012

STOP Deforestation and save the Orang Utan!

I think this is a bit too dark and tragic for a Monday but it has to be shared. It brought me to tears! Every year, acres and acres of rainforest in Indonesia is burnt and destroyed to make way for Palm Oil vegetation, ruining the homes of Orang Utan. Read the full story here. No Palm Oil for me cos it's really bad for the environment! Buy only ethical products people! I swear I feel more for animals than human beings :( If only the human race stop trashing the planet!


Tiffany said...

i felt utterly sad reading this news and the sad desoluted of the orang utan homeless and even injured, esp the photo where they are left at one corner, lost everything even their natural habitual coz of some scheming doing what palm oil?!! really, what the hell is happening to our world now, i felt so unjustified. i can't help but to think all what is our kind god doing to us and why he can't stop all these suffering?! why the bastard still roam in this world with glee and cash and why the poor animal have to suffer so badly because of their greed?! so sad, really!!!!!

Tiffany said...

Hi bmuses,

I am still very upset over this news, this is made exaggerated by reminding me how inequity this world can be.

human being is shameful lots, of course there are also very kind ones.

really, i have spiritual warfare. i have escaped from church, from cell group from even god for a long time because i can't figure out why god still allow suffering if they said god is kind. again, when i looked at my family, i see blessing, i am again thankful with warm meal at the table everyday, a roof over my head, caring parents, lovely girl and supporting husband but again when i see i am still dwelling hard on my health issue (now, bmuses, after my tinnitus come a nagging bladder flare!) my heart hardened. if god wants to put me through suffering, i felt that is enough . the thing is one never know what our god is really about , they kept preaching god is kind, god is merciful but if god is really kind, i really can't figure out why god can't stop incident like 911, tsunami, or even all the killing in 3rd world country, or this deforestation and protect the innocent orang utan.

B said...

Hey Tiffany,

I hear you! I felt more for the suffering of animals cos they're helpless and are very much at our mercy. I just think human race is a bloody disgrace cos we're the ones with the conscience but we're trashing everything we have and doing all these horrible things to each other, the animals and our environment!

I was crying when I saw how the orang utans were pulled out of the mud cos I couldn't imagine myself going through that where I'm left to die after my home is destroyed. I felt a lump in my throat thinking about it.

I know what you mean about the religion thing. I'm raised a catholic but I have since renounced the religion cos I don't agree with it. When I asked why is there so much shit and sufferings around the world, the answer is always things like "Oh god gives us free will and we get to choose" and then my next question is "If we're made in the image of God, then shouldn't everything be good and there wouldn't be bad traits in human beings?" and then the whole free will rubbish comes again. But it doesn't answer my questions. I really don't think any kind loving god who's all mighty would condone this kind of suffering. And my dad even raised a very good rhetorical question "What kind of loving god would send his only son to the world to be tortured to death knowing it would happen?" Nuff said for me. (I'm catholic cos of the school I went to, not cos my family is)

I seek refuge and solace from Buddhism now cos I guess it's the only thing that makes sense to me. The whole concept of Karma agrees with me. Be good, do good.

Much as this is upsetting, I find it heartening to see that post like this roused up some kind of response. Even if only ONE person (aka you) feel something for the issue, it is something :)

There's always this compassion fatigue whereby people just dismiss all these world issues saying we can't change the world and it is just gonna be the way it is. Yes maybe we can't change it but I wanna do something about it by living life the kind way and a making conscious effort and informed decisions in the way I live as much as possible. I'm not perfect but I try at least. It gotta start from the self cos if you don't act out on what you believe and stand by it, then what is there to live for and what else can you believe in if you don't start from yourself?

For a start, I kinda boycott products from Nestle cos they are infamous for buying palm oil from sources that destroy the home of orang utans (remember the kit kat thing?). They have since improved and said they would change and source more ethically but you know what? I don't trust them cos they're all about bottomline anyway.

I try to buy products from organic marts as much as I can and from sustainable sources.

We just gotta try our best I think. That's what matters.

Hope you'll recover from your bladder issue! Cranberry juice!!

Tiffany said...

Hi Bmuses

i hear you too! you are so right human without conscience are really bloody disgrace. i felt a strong wave of emotion by the same scene when the organ utans are dragged out too.

oh, i asked the same qn to my cell leader too! regarding the suffering, all they answered is "god made people suffer and punish them in the old testament" what? in the end, after all the debating, no one seems to answer my concerns and left me thinking i am the odd, disobedient one who left the god worthy group.

i have stopped buying nestle product after your campaign awareness, in fact, i am beginning to take a wary stand on top world brand as somehow or other, their manufacturing process came into child exploitation, environment damage play. what is even more close and irking to me is those skincare/makeup companies that use animal testing as i use makeup everyday. how irritating. even top notch like estee lauder, loreal etc belong to the group. like you , i am also more aware and turning into more organic friendly product.

frankly i am also very affected towards leather house which use animal skin to produce their branded, latent bag. so chanel looks like a classic must have ? damn, they use animal skin, why do i need to sacrifice a poor lamb life just to have their skin next to me with invisible blood? i am so upset just by thinking about it.

Perhaps, i am switching more towards "atheists". hey, see #5, highly contradictory

lovely quotes by Paulo coelho to always carry inside no matter how life or despicable action of others, pull us down. life still promises roses if we turn to it, like you said, be good, do good.

B said...

I think you have all the rights to question and somehow Christianity doesn't really like all the questioning. Which is why I love Buddhism cos even Buddha tells you to question the things he says. I think whatever works for the individual really.

Oh I'm definitely guilty of using leather bags and shoes. Thing is, I don't really buy bags so much these days and the last bag I bought was a fabric one made of nylon from Marc Jacobs. Shoes is quite hard cos there's limited options for non-leather type. I guess I'll have to make it up by not eating meat much. And yes, shame on many big companies, especially P&G cos they actually SPONSOR and commission animal testings! Problem is that in China, all the products have to be animal tested and all these companies will definitely cater to the China market :(

Anyway, I just bought a block of fair trade dark chocolate from Endangered Species Chocolate. Yum! Palm oil free too!


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