Monday, March 19, 2012

New York Minute Part 2: The Sweet Tooth Tour

Eating up the Big Apple is a huge challenge. In a city where food is aplenty at every corner and nooks and crannies in every street, you'll never go hungry. The challenge is about how much you can fit in your stomach, especially when everything comes in jumbo American size! It's a case of "So much to eat, so little stomach space!"

I've always been a savory food kind of person and not so much of a sweet tooth, but strangely, the first thing I went for when I hit NYC was to get some famous cupcakes from the famed Magnolia Bakery at The West Village cos oh my, how I love their cupcakes! And New Yorkers love their cupcakes! Cupcakes are serious business in New York!

So off to the original Magnolia Bakery at 401 Bleecker Street I went (there are two more, one midtown and another uptown). By the subway of course! Real New Yorker style no less. Magnolia Bakery at Bleecker is always bustling with people and there's usually a queue outside but the wait isn't too long, averaging about 5 to 10 minutes max. Totally tolerable for the sake of their cupcakes.

It's a tiny little dim shop (that's why it's so dark in the photos and I wasn't supposed to be taking pictures to begin with!) that's always flooded with people. Cakes on the right, cupcakes on the left and everything else in the center. The cupcakes section is self service. Pick up a box and plonk in what you want. Easy.

Being the bakery that made red velvet cupcake famous, it's a crime to leave without the gorgeous Red Velvet. So Red Velvet and Chocolate cupcakes it was! Oh la la, it's divine! And that coming from someone who favors chips to cupcakes is quite something. It's moist, creamy and bursting with flavor.

There's also a small patisserie that's been a favorite for me and my cousins. Lesser known but equally exquisite is Ceci Cela Patisserie at 55 Spring street. They have been serving up artisanal pastries for over 15 years and their lemon tart is phenomenal!

The lack of photos of Ceci Cela pastries only means one thing. That it's too tasty and the lemon tart just disappeared into my mouth before my camera could capture any traces of it!

From humble neighborhood bakeries, I made pilgrimage to the other end of the spectrum at Ladurée at 864 Madison Avenue. Ladurée needs no introduction with its world famous macarons from Paris. Other than France, they only have outlets in New York, London and Japan, so it's a must go for any macarons fanatics.

Bright, colourful and cheery, Ladurée is a happy shop indeed. When you're feeling down, forget about the booze and go to Ladurée instead. The colorful macarons and pretty Parisian decorations are an instant perk me up!

This season, Ladurée tied up with Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato to come up with a limited edition box design with Cherry Blossom inspiration. Other than sweet treats of macarons, the shop carries accessories such as tote bags, scarfs, perfumes and the oh so pretty candles! Resisting those can be quite a tall feat cos they look too precious.

My loot? A box of macarons and a limited edition Tsumori Chisato Cherry Blossom Candles that are so beautiful I can just keep looking at them and go "Awww" and then Omnomnom!

More on the Big Apple to come soon! I've got so much to share!


Ling said...

sweet! NYC is very famous for scone, did you go to their forever 21 and clothing store, what is your haul? show us lei!!

B said...

Hey Ling!

NYC is more for cupcakes! New Yorkers really love their cupcakes cos they sell them everywhere!

And I didn't really buy that much stuff to be honest! I did, however, bought quite a bit of Lululemon workout clothes since they have some shops in NYC. The rest are really small knick knacks like the Laduree candle, some organic skincare and chocolate for the office. Nothing insanely exciting! Hey, at least I'm doing well trying not to spend too much! But will show some shopping stuff soon haha...


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