Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New York Minute Part 5: Savory Sensations

This is the last of my New York post and it's all about food, again. It's hard not to talk about food when I was there on a food tour for work. Let's just say I've never had so much food in such a short period of time. A foie gras goose being forced fed could be a way to describe my first world pain at one point and I was so stuffed the mere mention of food and the sight of it made me nauseous. First world pain at its glory. My significantly decreased appetite post NYC is probably due to the "reserve" I stocked up while I was there.

Every visit to the US reminds me that I have no idea how Americans can eat so much food with every serving portion of anything and everything bigger than the size of my face. Other than the leftover, I was also left with a nagging suspicion that perhaps America is single-handedly responsible for the world's hunger....not entirely I know but close enough nonetheless.

One thing I notice about New Yorkers is that they love their American food of burgers and steak just like how we Asians love our carbs of rice and noodles. Even in a cosmopolitan like NYC, non-American cuisine like Japanese or Thai places aren't as commonplace as I thought they would be. Definitely available though American food is still the bread and butter, quite literally at times. Singapore, on the other hand, is actually a better melting pot of international cuisines.

Anyhow, I've posted on sweets and desserts earlier and here's for the savory food fan on the places I went to. 

Saxon & Parole
316 Bowery at Bleecker Street

Apologies on the lack of photos as my camera went flat but Saxon & Parole is my favorite among all the rest of the places I went to in New York City. Things to try: Razor Clam Egg Salad, Miso Glazed Bone Marrow and Brussels Sprouts leaves. I had the best Brussels Sprout there cos they deep fried the leaves with a special sauce. If you still don't like your greens with their amazing Brussels Sprout, I really give up. I'll definitely go back there the next time I'm in NYC.

The Standard Grill
848 Washington Street, 13th Street
If you love your American food, The Standard Grill offers some pretty good American grubs. It was a breakfast adventure I had and my omelet was as awesome as their old school decorations.

Lovely old school deco scored some major brownie points with me

Cutest salt and pepper shakers found!

Super sized omelet with roasted potatoes and toast. Their brioche with eggs are apparently yummy too

Dean & Deluca New York Times Cafe
620 8th Avenue
I LOVE Dean & Deluca Cafe! Right next to the New York Times office, they have all my favorite things I can eat on a daily basis, namely salads of different types and lots of amazing soups! I had the privilege of a sampling session of their salads, soups, breads and sandwiches. I only wish I had four stomachs like a cow to take them all in though cos it was way too much food! I can't wait for them to be available in Singapore at Orchard Central 4th floor in June! Yes, the Dean & Deluca in Singapore will have prepared food available too and you'll see part of their prepared food selection in Singapore for sure!

Now this is more like the kind of stuff I dig!

My favorite drink Kombucha. Some awesome fermented drinks bursting with flavors and antioxidants. I dunno what's in there but I know it's full of goodness and taste good. Pity it's not available in Singapore

Crab cakes! Guess what? It'll most likely be available in Singapore soon when the Dean & Deluca here opens in June! Now go thank Jesus for that!

80 Spring Street
You will never go wrong at Balthazar. This SOHO favorite is forever brimming with people for breakfast especially on weekends. Make sure you make reservation. They serve up French food with an American twist but you'll still get good old french classics like Confit de Carard at dinner . By the time I got there, it was my last day and I was too stuffed for anything heavy, so I had fresh yogurt and homemade granola. That hit the right spot just perfectly. 

Even the granola is bigger than my face...you can't escape super sized in the US!

Egg Cocotte was apparently lovely

Lombardi's Pizza
32 Spring Street
This is the BEST pizza in New York City in my book. Traditional and thin-crusted perfection, Lombardi's been declared a national historic pizzaria and is on the Pizza Hall of fame. You just have to try it for yourself cos any other attempt to describe it just wouldn't do any justice. It's as good as it gets without going to Italy.

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