Monday, March 05, 2012

The long and short of Louboutins

I've done what most Louboutin fans would consider silly. I got a pair of Louboutin ballet flats! Courtesy of the generous Mr Bear!

I hear protests from Loubie fans with stilt-walking super powers saying "But what's the point of wearing Louboutins if they're not heels cos you can't see the red lacquered soles when you walk?" Because I'm a real Louboutin fan who, unfortunately, can't walk in her Bianca (though I can navigate better and not trip, fall and break my nose with the Yolanda sling backs). Because I think wearing gorgeous heels that make you walk like you have a rod up yours simply makes you look the opposite of gorgeous. Because I love Louboutins but I love my feet more and don't want ugly painful bunions. Also, because the Louboutin flats are very comfortable!

So here they are! The oh so gorgeous and well made Louboutin ballerines in a versatile gold tone that goes with almost everything! Now I can really say that I can absolutely run after the bus in my Louboutins!


Anonymous said...

J'adore!!! That Mr Bear of yours is a keeper!

B said...

Thank you! Yes, he's the very amazing Mr Bear cos he's a good bear with a heart of gold! :)

Nikie Leng said...

Remember to "pay" him back hor. Superstitious, I know. But play safe.

Anyway, I gave up all my sky scrapers and took up ballerina 2 years back. Cos my chiropractor told me that my spine and my knees are not in good shape due to long years of wearing heels. If I continue to wear heels, I will become paralysed. So, yah, you will get the last laugh.

B said...

Haha I did pay him back with a dollar! I'm superstitious too!

Yes I remember you telling me about heels but thing is, at least you can walk in them but I simply cannot! Or my feet would hurt like hell! So I concluded that my feet aren't made for walking in heels! But high heels look so good though! So annoying


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