Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Lomography Exhibition

I was at Time Square in Causeway Bay when I saw the marvelous Lomography Exhibition!!! OMG I got so excited! Cos they have giant version of the cameras and my favorite Diana F+ looks the best!

Ohhhh the DianaF+! So gorrrgeous! I didn't get anyone to take a snapshot of me in the lens...Meh...maybe I'll go back

The Lubitel 
The Sprocket Rocket! The resting area is so cool...
 A giant Lomo film and the Fish lens camera at the back....I wish I could bring all these exhibits home...

 The floor is made up of all the different lomo shots...real shots submitted by all lomographers!

They have a small shop set up there and they have this really nice limited edition of DianaF+ from Japan but I shouldn't buy another one....mehhhh.....So gorgeous though! In fact, I'm thinking of getting an Olympus Pen E-LP2 so I'd better not spend on yet another Diana since I already have 2....sigh...I want free camera!

Don't you wish there's such cool stuff in SG??? Kinda sad SG is still lagging behind in terms of arts and cultural progress....oh well....there's so much more life in HK, maybe I'll vote for whoever's gonna make SG a more happening

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