Monday, June 27, 2011

Delicatessan....China Version

First it was soy sauce made from boiling human hair from the barber. Then it's the rumored char siew bao made from cardboard. Next, the horrible poison milk and fake egg. Now the sci-fi luminous meat is totally this season...Seriously, this whole fake/poison food thing in china is getting more and more creative and ridiculous that I literally laugh-out-loud reading it. Only that it's anything but funny for those who got affected.

You just gotta give it to the China peeps for being so fucking inventive with coming out with toxic food. I mean seriously, it's quite inventive to even think of making fake eggs no?

I just read an article in L.A. Times with all the's here...Apparently they have:
  • human hair soy sauce
  • a fake egg making kit (like wtf??)
  • chemically altered pork (spiked with clenbuterol which is meant for asthma)
  • exploding watermelon...yes, watermelon that's spiked with so much growth hormone that they literally explode...sorry, it's super funny if you ask me and HL's friend actually had a watermelon exploded in the kitchen...
  • some glazing material that makes pork look and smell like beef (since beef fetches more money)
  • Glow-in-the-dark pork due to some luminous bacteria 
  • Fish fed with human birth-control pills
  • Recycled oil collected from sewage water!!! (which has carcinogenic fugus!)
YUCKS! It's basically toxic anything and everything! And the most ridiculous thing is that, if you go sue and report the case, you get fined and might go to jail cos the Chinese government is so freaking good at covering up shit like this!

A man whose son was so badly affected by the toxic milk powder (his son developed kidney stones) led a campaign for safer baby formula got a 2.5 jail sentence for "inciting social disorder"....what the fuck is that???

Sad, really sad....I don't think I'll ever consider going to China for a holiday. I wanted to go to Yunnan and the original Shangri-La (not the hotel, but the place that the hotel was named after)....Now I don't think so. Not unless I pack enough instant noodle with me.....


Anonymous said...

this one is best:


B said...

Eeeeps....I have to give it to them on being so creative that they can make fake eggs! It's madness


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