Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chanel Le Vernis Peridot

It seems like a recurring occurrence that I'm always drawn to Chanel Autumn Winter's makeup collection. Their A/W seems to always have more dramatic colours that's eye popping compared to the standard candy-coloured Spring Summer fair. Last A/W10, the greige colour, Particuliere, got me hooked with its sophisticated tone that goes with most outfit. It was awesome. This A/W, the Peridot is simply the winner!

Chanel's chief make up artist Peter Philips said this A/W, the nails play a role as an important accessories. Thus the dramatic color. All three A/W nail colours come in metallic hues and the other two are in gray (Graphite) and brown (Quartz). Peridot stands out with its unique colour and was sold out awhile back with everyone trying to get their hands on it. Good news is, if you're keen, it's back in stock now (at least at the Takashimaya counter. Grab it while it's still available).

The metallic green/yellow hue (with a hint of blue) got its inspiration from the lush iridescent peacock's plume. The colour looks a bit different in different angles and it sits well even for those with slightly sallow skin tone. The yellow tint appears more as a golden colour. It's definitely an interesting colour to wear.

One thing to note though: Keep your nails short with metallic colours! Or risk looking 80s and tacky! In fact, I've always been an advocate of having short and trim nails because way too long nails are simply garish and unrefined. It's never about how long you can grow your nails but how polished and well kept they are. Human beings should have nails, not talons like birds!

It paints well too. Better, compared to the other solid colours cos metallic polishes always spread better and less streaky. So that's definitely a plus point! LOVE it!

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