Monday, August 22, 2011

Moleskine Madness

My relationship with the Moleskine notebook dates back to when I just started my first job or so....yes, close to a decade of inking memories in these classic notebooks. Who can resist the sleek leather cover and its legion of famous Moleskine devotees like Oscar Wilde, Hemingway, van Gogh, Picasso and Matisse? So when Moleskine started doing pens and other stationery, I just have to get the roller pen. You can't deny my good old faithful notebook of a sidekick can you?

At $27 a pop, it's steep for just a simple plastic roller pen with gel ink. But package it with a sleek design and slap on the Moleskine name, resistance is futile. Especially when there is a little click-on cap built in for slotting it stylishly on the good old Moleskine.

A portion of my old Moleskin notebooks int he background, all filled with colorful memories

Only that buyer's regret came when I admitted to myself it's really just a plain black plastic roller pen with a sleek design and brand name. One that I wouldn't pay more than $8 for if not for the fancy Moleskine name. And mind you, the Moleskine brand name is nowhere to be found on the pen. The only merit is that it clips on nicely on the side of my Moleskine...I guess that's worth the other $19 bucks.


Tiffany said...

:) since u like to write your thoughts, it's always excellent to invest in a writing barbie :) sometimes back when i was clearing my wardrobe, i found mini notebook where i dabbled about colleagues back years, i even gave them nickname .it's wonder to sit alone in a weekend evening and recall those sweet and nasty memories :P

oh by the way, bmuses dear, i went to visit Philip Lau for ney ney issue lei. he is rather a cool man. he said my breast discomfort, tinging sensation is triggered by hormones too (like your friend) and he also suggested eating EPO. thanks for the referral .

B said...

Good to know you went to see Philip Lau. He's good haha...very funny guy and has a passion for making tea also. Good to know it's nothing serious too. So it's EPO now!

You might want to try TCM cos I swear by it. It works! It's not immediate cos it'll take months to adjust your body chemistry but I swear by TCM!! I have referral too if you want :)

Tiffany said...

Hi bmuses

thanks, you are so right using TCM to "tiao" our body back, in ang moh term should be "tune up" hahahaha.

wow, dr philips isn't that chatty with me lei, maybe he saw my ugly ney ney he wanted to faintz? wahahah kidding. anyway, he is pretty professional despite i felt awkward naturally as he touched and examined. haha he reminded me of some butcher in the market turning and tossing the meat on the chopping board hahaha. joke aside, he is very firm regarding his perspective on breast cancer (i mean as woman we need to be vigilant about it), he said breast cancer never have pain (hmm, really? that's what we said la) but if got pain surely don't mean cancer. he said both are mutually exclusive. so it pays to do some self examination of breast every month see if got any lump to be safe :) for hormones issue like unfortunately mine that strike suddenly, he said will take 3 months .

regarding the TCM, i totally agree with you, when i got a sickening backpain that send electricity from my back all the way to the leg ( back was weak after giving birth ) i went to TCM, it really work. i actually visited a sinseh who did her practice at her home in blk 717 Tampines (she opened a clinic in Yishun, near MRT) so if any of these 2 location is good for u and u like to try, let me know if you know her referral? i am happy to give you her contact as i left it at home, i will go back and check if you are keen.

oh yes can i have your referral too? thanks!

B said...

I'm no Philip's patient but I work with him last time. Kind of. He's cool haha.

Okay for the TCM, I go to the Makuang TCM. My physician is Huang Hai Lian and she's REALLY very very good. One of the best I've tried. I took a friend there and she could tell all his past and present medical issues by just feeling the pulse.

Here's her profile

She's at different outlets on different days.

Tiffany said...

Thanks. got it and clipped it :)

for back pain, can also consider chiropractor, i tried chiropractor for 12 session to resolve my back pain and it works till date for a year already. on top of that, TCM and acuputure works in harmony too so i also believe in TCM like you

thanks and happy pole dancing, please..happy bruises!

georgeblack said...

i found the logo on the left side of the clip.

B said...

@Georgeblack, Oh really?? I'll go find it!! Thanks! Very nice blog you have by the way!

georgeblack said...

no problem!

the logo is very subtle :D

I have that urge to get the pencil =X

B said...

TELL ME ABOUT IT!!! I wanna get the pencils too! Especially when I have a thing for pencils! But then it's a bit silly so I got the pen instead. But's moleskine...I'm such a sucker...


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