Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Wicked Weekend

AMAZEBALLS! That's all I can say about my weekend of Wicked The Musical at the Marina Bay Sands! If you haven't caught it yet, do it now! Like NOW really! It's officially my favorite musical of all time and successfully replaced The Producer (I watched that in London) to be my #1 musical. Magnificent set, great songs, hilarious scripts and amazing performance! There's everything to love, especially when I can totally identify myself as Elphaba the green witch! I seriously won't even try to review it as it would be blasphemous and the only way to do it justice is really to watch it at the theatre. All I can say is that, it's AMAZING!

What I would talk about, however, is my pre-show noms at Mozza Osteria at MBS. Like the musical, I have nothing but praise for Mozza cos their food is delish and the ambiance lovely! I only wished that I was really hungry at that time cos we had an early dinner at about 6pm before the musical and I was still full from my previous awesome lunch (at Herbivore at Fortune Center, will talk about it another time).

With hardly any appetite, Mr Bear and I ordered little (very unlike us), with grilled artichoke (yum!), cheese and pesto on burrista to start. Delish! Though the artichoke could have been grilled to be a bit more tender.

Then I ordered a Tortellini with Brodo in Primi size as I wasn't hungry. It's a non-vegetarian (indulgent day hello!) with a bit of parma ham and cheese in the tortellini served in a full flavored chicken broth cooked with parma ham. The broth came in a little tea pot and was poured in for me and after the first taste of it, I regretted not ordering the bigger secondi portion cos it was amazeballs! The broth is totally aromatic and it's similar to those flavorsome double-boiled cantonese soup.

Mr Bear ordered some gnocchi with wild mushroom and butter sauce which was one of Mozza's signature dish. It was yummy but I still think my tortellini was better.

Then I didn't managed to take a picture of the dessert. We ordered the "Nonna's cake" and it was too yummy to slow down for a photo op. I'll have to go back to Mozza Osteria when I'm hungry one day and have a full blown Italian meal.

A wicked weekend indeed with awesome musical and gastro-rgasm! And I can't wait for the next weekend to come cos I'll be in dim sum land with Mr Bear for a much-needed breather! Some serious count down starts now!


Nikie Leng said...

Nooo....the London troupe is better anytime!!!!

B said...

London is for sure better but between The Producer and Wicked, I prefer Wicked cos of the story line but if I were to catch it in the UK, it would be fucking brilliant haha!


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