Friday, February 03, 2012

February Muse

Reading: The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard Following the youtube on The Story of Stuff, I'm so amused and inspired by the information that I bought the book to read up more. If I have to choose one book to read this year, this potentially could be the one as it's an eye opener to how our stuff is made and disposed, as well as all the precious insight into consumerism. I'm more determined to reform my ways when consumerism is concerned and so far, I think I'm doing pretty well as I'm not recklessly buying shit anymore.

Watching: Wicked! Finally! Going for the musical this Saturday and I can't wait when I got the tickets in January. I've got some pretty decent seats and it's definitely something to look forward to this weekend!

Wearing: Keeping it real with Gap neon pink stripes tee shirt. I love stripes and this neon pink stripes tee gives the boring black, white and navy ones I have a break. The slouchy fit is perfect for casual look and layering.

Using: 100% Pure Sheer Cheek Colour in Strawberry. I love 100% Pure! Its safe and organic range of make up products are toxin free and made from fruit pigments. This cheek colour gives a perfect flush for a natural, healthy look and the light texture makes it easy to blend. You can increase the intensity by dabbing more layers. Perfect for everyday use. Available at Bud Cosmetics.

My old Chanel 2.55 Reissue Accordion in metallic blue with gold chain strap. Haven't  used this baby for awhile but I think the Accordion trumps the classic 2.55 flap cos the classic shape is so common these days that everyone, from socialites to skanks, is using it. Accordion is rare and when I saw the blue with gold, I knew I wanted it cos it's different. It's definitely one of my heirloom pieces.

Eating: At Real Food at Central Mall (it's very much the only attraction there in my opinion) . It's one of my favourite haunts for a good healthy grub and I'm glad Mr Bear loves it too and we're there at least once a week these days and I'm not getting sick of it. I love their Dry Brown Rice Noodle with Mushroom and Miso Soup with Barley and Veggies...I can never get enough of it! Omnomnomnom......

Drinking: This is starting to sound like "Tea of the month" but yes, I'm so loving herbal tea and my poison this month is the Lemon & Ginger tea from Yogi Tea. I've never really liked ginger anything but somehow this blend is sooo very soothing without being overpowering and it makes me goes "Ahhhh" every time I smell and drink it. Such a treat and it makes me feel like there's nothing a cup of nice herbal tea can't solve. It's calmness in a cup.

Loving: Scotch Naturals!!! I can't stop gushing about the awesomeness of Scotch Naturals (see previous post on review) cos it's pretty much the best nail polish out there. It's water-base, toxins free, doesn't smell, paints well, dries fast and glossy, and comes in so many gorgeous colours! What's not to love? I've now amassed a total of 6 delish colours. Can't wait for more!

Lusting after: This is by far the most mumsy lust item, but when I saw the tv advertisement of the Philip Air Fryer during the boring Chinese New Year time at my grandpa's place, I want one! I'm a foodie at heart who once said that if there's no health repercussion of eating deep fried food, I would eat it everyday cos it's so tasty. So this gadget supposedly uses "air" to deep fry your food for a healthy alternative. How it works I have no idea and neither do I give a damn as long as it produces healthy fried food (what an oxymoron!)! One of these days, I would go down to Tangs and be all domestic about it to see the demonstration and try out the food to see if it tastes as good. But at about $400 a pop, it's ouch to the wallet!


Anonymous said...

you can use amex card to redemn the Philip Air Fryer but you need a lot of points, you can check their redemption program and calculate how much $$ to get this great stuff

Ling said...

good morning bmuses
great, u enjoyed Wicked! :) i wanted to go too but was tied down by work . shucks!

bmuses i seems to remember u said u will do a review of your organic makeup..i really looking forward, like to try what u are using, thank you!!

B said...

@Anon, haha, thanks for the tip, but I doubt I would actually get it cos I don't think I'll use it that often. Just that the idea of oil free deep frying sounds good.

@Ling, PLEASE watch Wicked! Find time cos it's really amazing! And yes, will be writing about my organic make up soon :) What kind of make up stuff are you looking to try? Base or colours?

Ling said...

hey bmuses, i am re-reading your post on Wicked musical drama and i am fired up to watch. checkin out the sistic right now! :) just found their last performance is 1 april, i thought is this week, thanks for reminder, oh i really don't wanna miss it. i love wizard of oz :)

anything you can share on your organic makeup- :) personally i am more into base since it is closer to our skin, i think blusher and lip needs to have less lead and less toxic too :)

i am using vichy aera BB cream and that's the only one in watson without paraben. hope that helps :)

B said...

Hi Ling,

I think if you wanna go organic and non toxic, you have to go all the way cos no point doing partial switch cos it'll defeat the purpose of cutting out toxic stuff in the body.

For lip products, I think it's super important to be safe cos you tend to ingest it and it's shocking to know that lipsticks from many big cosmetic brands these days still contain lead. I heard it's especially true for the really red ones. A safe and good option is 100% Pure. I love their lipstick and I use it. They have lip gloss too and come in many different shades and is available at Bud Cosmetics.

Currently I'm using Juice Beauty Tinted Moisturizer with SPF and the loose powder. So far okay. Not the best but I'm gonna finish it up before trying the 100% Pure powder foundation and maybe the Suki ones.

Oh one item I can't live without now is Sante Colour Stick Concealer. It's super easy to use and covers blemishes and dark circle in seconds! Super handy!

I don't use that much make up so it's very much these few items really.

Will blog more about it soon :)

Anonymous said...

Again, bad taste on display. Chanel bag really is just pure bad taste. It's vulgar and reeks of self-conscious status climbing.


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