Friday, February 17, 2012

Hong Kong Omnomnom Vol 1: The Broken Hearted Hot & Sour Noodle

It's a first to me. Coming to Hong Kong and not shopping too much. Instead, this anomaly is replaced by a gastronomical substitute cos I've been eating up a storm. Thanks to the fact that my dad had been taking Mr Bear everywhere for some good grub and now I've eaten so much I have to do some foodie posts.

To start the Omnomnom, I'll have to muse about what I ate today cos it's AMAZEBALLS! It's got a funny name called 伤心酸辣粉 aka "Broken Hearted Noodle" because it's "酸到流口水,辣到流眼泪", meaning it's "so sour that your mouth will water and so spicy your eyes will tear". Thus it's called the Broken Hearted Noodle cos you'll look like you're crying.

I was crying, indeed. Of joy no less because the noodle is so freaking delish! It's an authentic Chong Qing cuisine famed for everything hot and spicy.

Here's the iconic hot and sour noodle. It's got a clear chili broth with some peanuts, salted vegetable and a wee bit of minced pork with an option of spiciness. I picked the least amount called "BB Spicy" cos it's for baby. It's really just nice for me cos any spicier, I wouldn't be able to taste anything. My mom did the "low" spice level and even she felt that it was really hot despite her high tolerance for chili.

The super flavorsome broth aside, the amazing bit is really the noodle cos it's a special noodle. It's a chewy, soft, translucent noodle that's similar to vermicelli but it's much thicker and it soaks up all the yummy broth to make it crazy delicious!

There's a lot of Chong Qing dishes available too and our special set came with spicy cucumber (my favorite), spicy pig stomach (mehh...I don't eat organs) and spicy chicken. They're all super delicious! And the best part? It's freaking cheap! A set meal for two comes with all the side dishes above, two bowls of noodles and two drinks and it costs only $86 HKD, which is less than $15 SGD!!! I'm absolutely gonna go back for more before I fly back!

Currently, there are about eight outlets in Hong Kong, they don't have a website but I took a snap shot of the addresses here:

Unfortunately I can't really translate the address but they outlets in Shum Shui Po, Mong Kok, Causeway Bay, Hong Hum, Yuen Long, Koon Tong, Chun Wan and Jordan. That much I know. Just take this snap shot and ask around if you're interested!

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