Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hormonal Dsyfunction

I'm fucking grouchy. Very very grouchy. Excruciatingly grouchy. Thanks to my pending period, I'm now experiencing one of the worst PMS ever. Explosive, implosive, edgy, cranky, sexually frustrated, violent, moody, angry....I'm just one fucking grouchy mofo.

It's so unfair cos shit like this changes your mood for the worse, saps you of your sense of well-being and suddenly you feel like hissing at everyone around you.

With the gazillion amount of money they're investing on medical R&D, how come there still isn't a fool-proof, sure-work magic pill that makes your countdown days to getting bleeding genital a much easier thing?? Wait a minute...I think that pill I'm refering to might exist but happens to be illegal. Oh well...

Normally, being a pill-popper, I'll stuff a table of Xanas down my mouth to calm me down a little or head right to the hot shower. But I'm stuck at a cold sterile office now so hot shower's definitely out and my Xanas has failed me cos after popping one in the morning, I still feel like punching Jabba The Hutt until she turns blue. Thus, explaining the previous disgusting "let's-put-dead-body-in-a-meat-grinder" entry.

Sometimes it also makes me wonder, what the hell is sense of well-being and happiness when it's all reduced to some fucking chemicals buzzing in your brain?? I hate to think of things that way cos it cheapens every pleasant experience we get, cos well, it's just fucking chemicals in your brain. Then again, I'm now a freaking uncontrollable PMS monster. I know it might sound strange but this is one of those times that I wish someone would come right up to me and pick a fight. A real physical fight ala WWE style and I'll do a Hillary Swank in the Million Dollar Baby punch cos then, I'll have a legitimate reason to bash someone up in the name of self-defense and vent out all my hormonal frustration.

Aaarrrggghhh.....I just want my sense of well-being back!!!!!

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