Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What the hell is WRONG with Airpork?

Have you seen the latest Airpork advertisement on TV?? I watched it on TV mobile on my way to work on a bus and got rather traumatized by the content!

There're two pigs talking to each other. One telling the other to hurry up so they can run off to the Airpork farm cos life is good in the Airpork farm. Then both of them make a beeline for the alledgedly good life that the bloody Airpork farm promises.

Now how warp is that??? Last check, I don't think I associate being forced fed, jabbed with hormones/antibiotics, or cramped up in tiny sordid quarters just to finally get brutally slaughtered while having your flesh sent to the supermarket or ham factory as living a good life! That's as good a life as the Nazi concentration camp offered I reckon.

Okay, fine. Some people (especially the Chinese) use the phrase "You're stoopid like a pig!" to insult someone's intelligence but I guess the producers of this dumb advertisement really have the intelligence quotience lower than that of a pig to think that a pig trying to escape its bacon fate would run off to yet another pig farm just to get slaughtered.

Then what's wrong with these advertisement producers by making the pigs look cute when they're fucking selling pork??? They don't feel bad eating the freshly flown in Airpork after looking at how the chubby four-leggeds get conned into thinking that Airpork farm is paradise?

It's really sickening....Just as another friend who just brought up the fact that KFC uses a chicken as mascot. Now, that's another twisted rendition of human reality.

It's like the chicken mascot will sing and dance in front of you with the jingle in the background saying "Yo, kids, come log off my arms and fried them into yummy chicken wings as they're super duper snacks! Come on, cut off my arms and come eat my own kind! It's great!!!"

Now is that demented or what?? It really gives me the creeps.....

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