Saturday, January 07, 2012

Consumerism Overhaul

In my quest to simplify, de-clutter and streamline my stuff, my things and potentially my life in a recent overhaul exercise inspired by the book The Joy of Less, I've chanced upon a youtube video that is completely life-changing. It's totally changed the way I look at consumerism and capitalism and I'm so sure that my serendipitous discovery of this video clip (I chanced upon it while researching on safe organic toiletries!) is a sign that I REALLY must change the way I participate in the whole consumerism cycle.

The Story of Stuff is a project started by Annie Leonard in 2007 when she got fed up with the whole "Buy and throw away" culture, prompting her to investigate and dig deeper into the whole cycle of consumerism and what fuels its fire. Along the way, she's uncovered many ugly truths about consumerism and exposes its nasty underbellies that challenges the way we would (at least I did) look at consumerism.

It's a pretty long video but I savored every seconds of it and it'll be something I'll re-watch every now and then whenever I feel seduced by the lure of advertisers and big money-making corporations. I'm even more determined to go through a "consumerism rehab" and re-program myself to not "want" and "need" things too much! This video is truly life-changing for me!

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