Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello Year of the Water Dragon!

Wearing baby blue nails from Scotch Naturals Caleigh to usher in the year of the water dragon! I absolutely LOVE Scotch Naturals and I would want all the colours! It paints like a dream, dries quickly and most importantly, is super safe and non toxic! Click here for my previous post on it.

Happy Lunar New Year!


Anonymous said...

what would you do without me instigating you to buy these things! -hl

B said...

It's all your fault I ended up buying stuff! But I must say Scotch Naturals is such a good recommendation though haha....I really want it in every single colour available!

aya_leng said...

Lovely colour!Does the polish chip off easily?

B said...

It last me a week with very minor chipping and it's good enough for me cos I change colour weekly.

Some people say it doesn't last as long but then it works fine for me.


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