Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Sacred Truth by LUSH

Finally! LUSH made its come back in Singapore after disappearing in the market here in the mid 90s! It's back at where it used to be at Wisma Atria but this time, LUSH has got its own standalone shop at Basement 1 (It used to be at B1 at Isetan Wisma).

I used to be crazy over their products and remember loving their I Love Juicy shampoo last time. So when I caught its familiar whiff of LUSH trademark smell a mile before I reached the shop, I got so excited for old time's sake. Trust me, I didn't buy the entire shop really. With a committed effort to buy less and buy well, I only bought what I needed -- Face Mask.

It's meant to be cos it just happened that LUSH got their selection of face masks on display right at the front of the shop. After debating between Oatifix and The Sacred Truth, I got the latter after the sales person adamantly gushed about how fantastic it is.

It's a thick paste of anti-aging slush with papaya, ginseng, wheat grass, green tea, cleansing clay and butter with a mouth watering smell. A quick check on my handy safety guide of David Suzuki's Dirty Dozen and The Sacred Truth passed the non-toxic test.

I kinda like it. "Kinda" because it really is quite good. I smeared it on clean face for about 15 minutes and after washing it off, my skin did feel hydrated and radiant. Also, a tiny 75g tub can probably last you quite a bit as you don't need a hell lot each time, so at $21, it's quite a good deal.

However, I can't say I completely adore it because I've grown to not like products that are way too strong smelling. Yes, this smells divine but after slathering it on my face, its unnaturally powerful cloud of aroma got me investigating more and I realize there are indeed added fragrances! Alas! Quite the opposite of what I've been trying to do!

I ran a search on Good Guide and found that LUSH scored only an average of 5.2 out of 10. That kinda got me cos it scored only 4.9 on the "Health" segment, meaning there are potentially harmful chemicals in it. NOT GOOD!

But confession: I hate to say that I actually kinda enjoy using it. I blame it on emotional attachment to my youth as it reminds me of my carefree college days where I roam around Town with HL and the LUSH smell was quintessential every time we walked past the Isetan at Wisma.Those were the happy days and using it reminds me of those happy times.

I doubt I'll buy it again but I can't promise I won't touch this stuff again after I finish this tub, given my strong emotional attachment to LUSH. Exploring new brands of safe, non-toxic and ideally organic face mask is definitely on the menu but meanwhile, with or without potential toxins, I'm gonna enjoy this one till I'm done with it!


Tiffany said...

i read from people style watch the beauty mask by LUSH is Jessica alba favorite too , not sure if it's the sacred truth but it looks like this hollywood celeb isn't paid to say good things about LUSH so should be really her favorite. however the fragrance is a big tattoo, think you don't have sensitive skin so on a safe side..still, best not to have fragrance in our skincare, who needs parfum on our skin right?

wonder if you use organic liquid foundation/makeup base too? the bud cosmetic also have organic makeup base and their ingredient looks friendly on our skin.

Tiffany said...

hi bmuses again! :)
during lunch, i found this site

they sell quirky stuff, pretty cool thought you would like, share with you! :)

B said...

Hi Tiffany,

Will check out the site later but it looks pretty good!! Thanks for sharing.

As for LUSH. I don't think I'll buy it again. It's more of an emotional buy for me really. I already have a few organic mask I would like to try out in the future haha!

I'm not using a liquid foundation but I wear a tinted moisturizer by Juice Beauty which has SPF 30 and is certified organic and I finish off with the dusting powder by Juice Beauty as well. I'm about to write a review for it. But just a sneak peak for you, I don't mind the moisturizer though it's a bit thick but I'm not really liking the powder too much and would think 100% Pure does a pretty good powder foundation which I plan to get after I'm done with the Juice Beauty one.

I'm currently using 100% Pure concealer and sheer blusher. Will write about it soon. And yes, both Juice Beauty and 100% Pure are non toxic and pretty good products!

Tiffany said...

wow! i never heard of 100% Pure, reminds me of Alima, pure mineral, everydaymineral in that league. i am certainly looking forward for your posts :)

Have a great weekend and relax well in joy.

Tiffany said...

Hey bertha,

remember i told you before regarding this V10 serum that contains no harsh chemical and paraben? (like you, i am big on preservative ) i found a link that sells the V10 and they have cash on delivery - that's the plus point :) some months i went to an aesthetic salon in central mall where i work, the lady shoved me a questionnaire which you answer a series of qn and the one with the highest score indicate the right serum for you , you can assess the same questionaire in

i remember the salon in central mall also sells for $128 . but frankly speaking, i am not sure how credible the is ok, just sharing here..

anyway!i am really tempted to get it as Fann wong uses their range of serum..urghh we have so many choice now, on top of all your tempting organic skincare recommendation..

ok, we shall see what is the best for us. just thought to share this link with you since i saw they advertise in facebook :)

Tiffany said...

And yes need to mention, i am really on fence of skincare that contains fragrance as i got a break out from using sisley vitamin C series that contains mulberry and fragrance so since then i am very wary of fragrance even if this ingredient appears last on the ingredient list..and plus i found some organic skincare contains "natural fragrance " but i think should be the lowest dose and far better skin friendly that those commercial brand with fragrance.

B said...

Oh if you try it, let me know if it's any good!

Tiffany said...

hey bertha
i just got it yesterday, will let you know if it's any good and share the good news! :)


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