Sunday, January 15, 2012

Have a Scotch!

Among most beauty products, nail polish is definitely one of the most toxic ones. Smelling it makes you high with its acrid glue-like stench and the thought of getting brain damage from its smell always flashes in my head every time I paint my nails. That's until I got to know of Scotch Naturals! Hallelujah to a safe, non-toxic option in tons of gorgeous colours! 

Thing is, there are a lot of supposedly safer, non-toxic nail polish brands out there like Zoya, Mavala or Butter London (common brands like Sally Hansen, OPI and Revlon too in fact) that's "Three Free". They're free of the top three most toxic substances found in many nail polishes aka Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde Resin and Toluene. However, despite being Three Free, they're still loaded with a hell lot of chemicals and being Three Free means they simply don't have the MOST toxic stuff.

Scotch Naturals, on the other hand, is a water base option whose ingredients include only water, acrylic polymer emulsion and non toxic colorant, and they're tested for safety, making them truly non toxic. This non-toxic water base nail polish is also a proud signer of The Compact for Safe Cosmetics

I got Kiltlifter (a classic red) and On the Rocks Top Coat to test them out and I'm extremely happy to announce that Scotch Naturals is a major winner!!!

It paints on smoothly and dries faster than traditional toxic nail polish to give you a glossy finish. The colour is a bit lighter than the bottle but it's rich, vibrant and doesn't streak. Like its toxic counterpart, you need two coats for a nice even finish before topping it off with the top coat. But unlike its toxic cousin, the good thing is that there's no need for a base coat even with the darker colours! Instead, you would need to prep your nails a bit by buffing them (add a drop of jojoba oil if you have very dry nails) as the instruction says that it adheres best to healthy nails. Another tip is to apply before bedtime to let the paint sink in and adhere well so it lasts longer.

I was half-expecting it to chip like crazy cos it all seems too perfect to be true, but on the contrary, it lasted me a full week with just a wee bit of chipping just like any other nail polish. There's also no yellowing of my nails after I remove it so that's bonus point!

The verdict? I love Scotch Naturals! I'm switching to this safer options for good! Guess what? I just ordered two other colours now that it's passed the test with flying colours!


Tiffany said...

good week, Bmuses

this wisdom posters are not related but i think of you when i am reading this

just one of the many funny links they have, have fun :)

B said...

Thanks for sharing!

Tiffany said...

hi good morning bmuses
i know you are a big fan of organic, but do you have any idea for "Placenta Extract" skincare? my colleague was chatting with me regarding the wonder of Placenta Extract , maybe she is doing MLM or something but that aside, this seems to a good discovery? i think Placenta is mostly protein , vitamin, amino acids etc like bird nest ..thanks bmuses

B said...

Placenta is an animal by product. It is the organ/bag that wrap the foetus for pregnant human/animals. I know that for placenta extract, most use sheep placenta but I will never touch anything like that cos in a lot of times, these animals are raised in horrible and cruel conditions.

Tiffany said...

oh i don't know the process is so terrible to get the placenta. i thought placenta is some sort of secretion from the organ that wrap the baby like birdnest, it doesn't kill the bird but just mainly their "saliva" if it involves killing and cruel brought up, surely i will not touch in any sense

now i am also more aware of company that did animal testing and i think Loreal is one of them. heard mixed review on estee lauder but EL i last checked also involved in animal testing.

B said...

Thing is, if they collect the placenta after a sheep gives birth, then maybe not so cruel but then for mass manufacturing, I heard they artificially inseminate the sheep so they'll have placenta. I'm not sure about how the exact process is but I don't do anything that involves animals cos most commercial animal rearing factories have very poor facilities.

Bird's nest is also cruel cos yes it's just the saliva but the problem is that they make nest using their saliva when they are expecting to lay eggs and raise their babies. When their nest is taken away by human, they'll have to spit out the saliva and make it all over again and then it gets taken away again. They'll repeat over and over until they spit out blood and that's when you get the bloody bird's nest which is supposedly more expensive. It's cruel and I don't eat bird's nest cos I don't think I would fancy having someone tear down my house over and over again.

L'Oreal definitely tests on animals. Estee supposedly doesn't test on animals anymore but they used to before. The thing is, I've pretty much switched all my skincare, makeup and toiletries to organic ones and those are natural products that are cruelty free. So wouldn't have to worry about that :)

Tiffany said...

thanks on educating us on the rearing process. i never know about the birdnest process and i hear it first hand from you, bmuses

you are indeed very knowledgeable!

and yes i am very heart broken if i found out the products i use right now has tested on animal, i would have just thrown it!

i think it's easy to see the pdf for companies which test on animal so we bear their shitting names in our minds easier
they are estee, biotherm, johnson and johnson, maybelline, loreal are idiots

thinking of even switching my makeup to use mineral since it has been so popular e.g pure luxe, everydaymineral

B said...

Hey I've added a resource database on the next post. Thought you might like it. It tells you about how safe and environmentally friendly our products are. And it's got quite an exhaustive list.


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