Sunday, January 08, 2012

Toxics In, Toxics Out! Choose Non Toxic Products!


That's my new mantra when it comes to my toiletries. I've always favored organic products but in the last two months or so, after doing some serious research and reading on the negative effects of chemicals in our everyday products, I've been progressively switching to organic for all the stuff I use from shower gel, shampoo to face cream. It's part of my plan in streamlining and buying less stuff by buying only good quality safe organic products that isn't a health hazard. It hasn't gone 100% organic yet but that's my plan in the next couple of months.

Meanwhile, here are some of my favorite organic stores and brands to check out!

Super Nature
@21 Orchard Boulevard, Park House
They're potentially my number one favorite place in Singapore! It's happiness every time I get there cos they have SUPER extensive range of organic everything from toiletries, homeopathic remedies to fresh meat and vegetable.

Bud Cosmetics
@Square2 (Novena) and Mandarin Gallery
My second favorite store for organic toiletries after Super Nature, they stock a pretty good selection of products including The Organic Phamarcy (not available at Super Nature) and Filthy Farm Girl soaps.

Pure Tincture
@OUB Plaza Level 4
Smaller range of organic products but they stock Suki Skincare, one of my favorites and have organic facials too. I'm gonna try that out soon.

Brown Rice Paradise
@Tanglin Mall & Siglap Center
This one needs no introduction, having been around for so long. I've been going to the Tanglin Mall outlet for the last 10 years I realize!

@Forum Shopping Center
Awesome selection of supplements!

Brands I love and use:

Suki Skincare
The Organic Pharmacy
Intelligent Nutrients
Avalon Organics
John Masters Organics
Balm Balm
Alba Organics

Choose organic! Choose well!


Tiffany said...

hi Bmuses

yes i think after the Lancome sega , u vow never to touch that damn thing anymore right?

commercial skincare brand is especially laden with alcohol and preservative that can cause our skin to lose collage and expose to damage..but as there is always 2 side to the coin, organic skincare also run the risk of having more oil such as lavender, orange oil which isn't good for our skin

but of course i know you will chose wisely and is a smart woman. just don't forget to check their ingredient ok, dear! :)

fyi, this organic brand is also available in watson but i found they have the above mentioned oil so might not be so good e.g. Olivella

Ling said...

thank you for the post. can i know what's the product u bought from the organic pharmacy? i think they have a store in NEX shopping mall which i am also interested to find out more. products seems good.

do they have preservative and alcohol?

B said...

@Tiffany, haha, it wasn't because of Lancome alone. I'm going through a phase to revamp my "stuff" and way of living and going organic is part of the plan. I've been a bit half baked when it comes to using organic stuff cos I buy some and I think it'll defeat the purpose if I use only partial organic stuff cos then I'll still bte putting in toxins in my body with other products. So I'm aiming to be at least 90% organic if not 100%. But after watching the series of video clip from The Story of Stuff. I'm even more determined. In fact, I just switched my home products like dish washing detergent, floor cleaner and washing powder to safe, eco friendly ones.

I just feel that I've known about these issues, known that all these chemical products are bad but turn a blind eye to it, but after learning that it actually adversely affect both human and the environment, I think it's time to change. I can't change the world but at least I'll do my part.

Yes, some essential oils aren't good for the skin. Citrus generally increases photosensitivity. But the good organic brands generally are aware of that. Either way, they're better than all the toxic chemicals in many commercial brands. I'm now obsessed with reading labels!

@Ling, I don't think they have a standalone brand shop for The Organic Pharmacy if I'm not wrong. The brand is available at Bud Cosmetics and Auriga Spa and perhaps some handful of shops.

I'm using their Antioxidant Face Cream and also Lifting Eye Gel.

Check our their website

Another brand I really like is Intelligent Nutrients but I'm not using their stuff now. I used their shampoo before and I loved it :)

Tiffany said...

i see, bmuses. i agree we shouldn't be sucked into buying labels which use advertising to influence our purchase and yet we blindly buy those well hyped skincare that contains toxic chemical. we should be well informed, so i think EWG ( really did a good job to educate us on the toxic and harmful level of the product. just key in any ingredient to check on the danger level.

to Ling - i think you mean the skin shop at City square mall is it? the skin shop is also touted as the skin pharmacy so perhaps the slight confusion over a closed related name :)

the city sq mall is also our first eco mall..though unfortunately this mall don't enjoy a handsome traffic as compared to NEX..

B said...

Hey Tiffany,

Ohhh I love EWG skin deep database! I've been obsessively checking their database for the last couple of weeks haha!

Another site that kinda police products a bit is but then it seems like they hardly approve of any products.

B said...

Oh if you've tried any good organic products, do share!! Sharing is caring :) xx

Tiffany said...

Hi bmuses,

i was separated from my PC yesterday *sob*

i never tried any organic product before as firstly, i need to finish my massive haul of skincare and secondly i tend to worry about the "organic oil" that can pose as irritants to my sensitive skin. irritant oil can be linolene, citrus oil, peppermint, amara etc . and luxury skincare like La mer, sisley broke me out so that's out too. i once said a sisley vitamin C with mulberry fruit extract and it's in oil base, already it broke me out badly

it's often said a woman can have many clothes in the wardrobe but nothing to wear, the same for skincare here. haha in the end, i just reach out to Laneign water sleeping mask and elizabeth arden ceramide pill. the former i think you will like it as it acts as the last agent to seal all your preceding serum, lotion step and moisturize . next morning i usually wake up to a glowing skin. i am still looking for a perfect serum without colorants, preservative, alcohol.

B said...

Hi Tiffy,

Haha, I was also separated from my PC yesterday cos was out rushing around for meeting the whole day yesterday.

Anyhow, for oil, you need to use the right one. Oil like Jojoba oil is actually okay for acne and spotty skin and they don't clog pores. Jojoba is actually lighter than Sweet Almond oil (which I use for the face). So Jojoba is actually more suited for oilier skin and it also gets absorbed faster than sweet almond which is very good for dry sensitive skin.

Another thing is the amount you use. If you're gonna use it for the face, 2 drops is more than enough and the trick to using facial oil is to apply it on damp skin. So what I do is to spray some face mist so the skin is damp first and then, rub and warm the 2 drops of oil between my palm and then press it to the skin with light massaging action, starting from the cheeks (drier area) first. You'll get a little "film" of oil and that's good enough. Decleor does very good facial oils and I love them! I use them as the last step after applying my cream to seal in moisture. The rule is to use all the water base product before the oil.

As for ingredients such as citrus oil, they're only bad if it's in big amount. For instance, for the Antioxidant Face Cream from The Organic Pharmacy, it's got citrus but if you read the label, it's very much the last item on the label, meaning it's contain very little amount and that's very much safe.

If I make my own oil or scrubs (which I do), I'll use citrus on body and not face oil (I don't make my own yet), so it's still ok I think.

If you want a good serum, you might want to try the ones from The Organic Pharmacy, they make some pretty good ones depending on your need and I heard Madonna swears by it though I don't remember which one she's using. It's pricey though but I think it's worth it cos it's very safe and effective. Personally, I haven't tried it.

Another good one is the one by Intelligent Nutrients.

A friend of mine has tried it and likes it a lot and it's also won award with Allure Magazine. It's probably the next one I'll be trying hehe...

Tiffany said...

hey Bmuses

thanks for the long recommendation, i am noting them all down on my trusted pad.

surely i like to try The Organic Pharmacy soon, i will go check them out :)


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