Thursday, January 19, 2012

McScary, McGross, McToxic!

Still wanna eat McNuggets? Watch and learn more about the processed meat you're eating!


Tiffany said...

i dare not watch this video, i scared i will see something that freaks me out..just on the title is enough to scare me on how meat is processed

btw, have you heard that a few months ago, mcdonald stopped giving out their famous mcnugget sauce? because apparently some lab test showed their sauce contains the same chemical of the chalk that is used to mark the white floor line on the sports stadium/tennis court/badminton court/running track urgh so disgusting!

B said...

Hey babe, just watch it cos nothing visually disturbing cos it's a talk show thing where they tell you how the meat is being processed that's all. You need to listen to how it's done! They soak them in ammonia and then add artificial flavoring to mask the ammonia taste and THEN add bleach or colour to make it white! Yikes!

Yes the curry sauce's scary the kind of stuff they put in our food. Good thing I don't eat that much meat!

Tiffany said...

hey bmuses,

oh , i actually watched the video after mustering some courage. luckily nothing visually disturbing. :)

a side dish: do you have any idea where we can find online fashion/style collage like this:

i think it's pretty cool.often seen a few pages like the above in glamour, elle magazine style page but online, wonder if there is any? i think the closest should be who what wear.


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