Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Lemongrass House

Great product alert! I recently walked into a shop in Liang Court during my routine Japanese curry run and the little shop has always been on my blind spot but last weekend, BB and I went into the Lemongrass House to check out what they've got cos BB is into room fragrance diffuser these days and we wanted to get more for the house. Then me being the toiletry whore, I picked up a couple of aromatherapy products to try, never thinking much of it cos well, let's just say the packaging is very basic and not the most enticing but the products smell absolutely divine. BB walked out with some aroma room diffuser and a body scrub and I got a lemongrass body lotion and lavender shampoo and conditioner (I have an obsession with lavender shampoo)....

Like I said, I never thought much of the product until I tried it. It was awesome!!! Then I did a double take and went to the website (click Here) to check it out and ohhh, it's apparently hand-blended spa product from Phuket and they supposedly supply their products to various spas in the world. But seriously, their products are so good. The shampoo for one, is soooo excellent. It's sulphate and paraben free and it's not tested on animals. Most of their herbs and stuff are also organically and ethically grown too. The shampoo lathers well, smells divine and doesn't even leave my hair dry at all. And the conditioner doesn't coat the hair like most mass market conditioner but it leaves hair really silky and soft. I actually find my hair shinier (I think it's the coconut oil...but don't worry, it doesn't smell of coconut, it's coconut oil essence I think...) and it's great cos most supermarket and even salon brand coats the hair with silicone to make it shiny, great immediate result but bad for long-term hair health. So this one really gets my seal of approval. 

Then comes the Lemongrass Body smells super nice (I love the scent of lemongrass)...and the lotion has got such a nice texture! It's light and non greasy and it gets absorbed very quickly, perfect for our hot and humid weather! It's got 25% of aloe and white orchid and cucumber extract to leave your skin soft. The best thing is, it doesn't have paraben and other nasty preservatives too. Excellent! Ohhh and being green, their packaging is minimalistic and is made from recycled material...ahhhh I like!

What a surprise! Cos I never knew the products can be so good! I think next time I go there I might get their shower gel too! Hmmmm lavender!!!


LemongrassHouse313 said...

Hi Miss B!

We would like to send you a couple of products to try from Lemongrass House Singapore!

We absolutely loved your review of our products and have put up a link to it on our facebook fanpage.

Please be in touch by emailing our marketing manager at

Thank you and chat soon!

The Lemongrass House Singapore Team

B said...

Hello Lemon Grass House!

Thanks for your comment! I love your products! Have already drop you guys an email and hear from you soon! Excited to try new products!



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