Monday, June 21, 2010

Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil

My skin has got a new's Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil!

Now, my skin is so damn dry that it's starting to look scaly and these days, even when I furiously rub body lotion or body butter in, the skin is still somewhat dry after awhile and the other day BB pointed out "Oh, how come your skin's so dry?" and it got me all paranoid....well, it runs in the family cos my dad has ridiculously dry skin too. And since moisturizer's not really working too well, I just whipped out the body oil instead and the other time, I bought the Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil but I haven't got down to using it until now...and I love skin's loving it too cos the next day, the skin doesn't look that dry and if I use a normal body moisturizer, I'll still get the very dry and scaly look the next this thing is dope! I got the one with Rosehip fragrance cos the original one has got a very strong chocolate smell that doesn't quite agree with me (its body lotion's fine though)...and it's not greasy at all cos it's a dry oil that gets absorbed very quickly so you don't have to worry about the oily feeling cos there's none, just smooth velvety skin! So 2 thumbs up! I'm gonna religiously apply it every night....(I'll try at least...cos I'm so lazy)....

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