Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pore Vacuum

Stricken with a couple of zits on my nose and looking like Rudolf, I panicked and needed to do a proper clean up for all the clogged pores before it gets worse.... I've bought a tube of Sana Hot Gommage which is a warming hot gel that helps unclogged pores and suck out impurities and it's only about $18. And like most Sana products, this one is awesome too!
You squeeze a bit of the grey black cream and smear it on your nose or wherever (it says to be used on your nose area but I use it on my forehead and chin too), then you wet your hand and rub it all over the cream and it simply heats up the skin! Then you rise it off. It's great and the cream's got grainy feel to exfoliate. And done. Thing is, it really helps clean out the pores cos I was squeezing the clogged pores just before using this and then after I used it, the little dirt and white head popped out a lot more easier. So this is gonna be a new favorite of mine! Remember to moisturize well after though cos it's a wee bit drying but then it's worth getting the dirt out! I'm gonna use it once a week from now on!


citrella said...

Thanks for the recommendation. Will check it out :)

B said...

You're welcome! It's really quite good. My bf just tried it last night and even he said it's not bad and he's quite a cynic, so it's good!

bf said...

Aiyoh! Please!!

Amanda said...

i'm using this one. very effective :)


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