Monday, June 28, 2010

New Read!

Ohhh meet Michi! She's fabulous! The famous Aussie fashion blogger (check out her blog here) has finally come out with a book and it's gorgeous! I've been long following her blog for awhile now and when I saw this beautiful fabric-covered book from here, I grabbed it without thinking twice and later I knew it's an awesome choice when Ah Meow was laughing and giggling as she read it.

Michi girl is super witty and she talks of fashion, beauty, weather and all things in between in a very humorous way that fashionably cynical and irreverent . I simply love her sense of humor and she's got me in stitches all the time.... And the book is full of lovely water color/crayon/color pencil paintings iconic to her blog and how I love turning the pages! It's my current muse for sure! And it's one of those books you keep randomly flipping....Michi Girl is love!

Oh by the way, I'm on leave today on a Monday! It's awesome!!!!! Some people love to take leave on Friday but I'm all for taking leave on Monday cos Friday's always a bit of a semi-serious work day so it's a bit more worth it to take Monday cos it's a day everyone dreads...haha...And I'm looking forward to facial at Bliss Spa later at 2pm and after that, lash appointment to fix the lashes! Today is a pampering day! Woot! 


jason said...

Wah biang eh!! What happened to the Chinese Jew regime?? *shakes head*

B said...

Chinese Jew Regime still effective! Books are exempted cos they're cultural stuff. I haven't bought anything else and so far only this book anyway!

Anonymous said...

i agree with jason, why do i still see new beauty buys etc on your -hl

B said...

HL, the beauty stuff I bought is only the Sana Hot Gommage thing which is 17 bucks. The rest are old stuff which I didn't get to use before. The zit gel is my bf's and the body oil is old stuff I bought last time!!! So I'm still a Chinese Jew!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!

Michi's is worth the read!

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