Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To ask or not to ask?

I'm ruled by the dark clouds over my head now and the last couple of weeks. Yes, bad mood swings that haven't surfaced for awhile, at least since last October.....and I'm in a rather gloomy mood so much that it'll make Eeyore appear happy...and thing is, I hate this feeling...who doesn't right? But I hate it even more when I need to ask for things...can  be anything, it can be attention, some form of care and concern, reassurance, things you want, things you want someone to do or anything in general.

I've always had a major problem asking for things because I always think that when you ask for things, it's not genuine...I'm not saying people should read minds but then for instance, if you ask for reassurance, how reassuring is that? Asked-for reassurance isn't at all reassuring is it? Or if you asked for attention or other stuff, they're simply not given to you by free will, so what's the point? And it's a shitty situation cos when I tell someone about the situation and the person gives me what I want, I wouldn't want it anymore cos I'll just think that it's not sincere and the person's just doing it out of obligation, so what's the point? I don't think it's a matter of pride cos some things in life shouldn't be asked for and sometimes me asking for things would make me feel so damn low that it entirely puts me off what I want in the end, especially when the other person reluctantly gives in or feels so pressured that it almost make you feel like you're violating his/her human rights. Complex I know...but then again, I'm almost 100% sure that I'm not the only one....

Some happy pills now would be lovely...


samuel said...

I feel that just because you asked and it was given, it doesn't mean there was no sincerity on the giver's part. I mean effort was still needed to do it.

Rather, you should look at the way it was given. Did the giver kpkb? Does the giver keep bringing it up to emotional blackmail you in an argument or something? Does the giver whine in the process of giving you what you asked for?

From a guy's point of view, sometimes we are hopelessly clueless (we do think very differently from you you know). But that doesn't mean that we don't put effort or our heart into giving you what had asked for.

btw, I would like a ps3 ;-)

Becky said...

I agree with Samuel that it does not mean there was no sincerity on the giver's part just because you ask. Most people maybe cueless on what you want unless you tell them.

B said...

I dunno...I just hate asking. Okay, maybe not like that but for instance you ask someone for something and the person refuses, I hate to ask again cos in a way it's kinda like to beg. Or when the person said okay but then never really follow up and you have to ask again, I absolutely hate it cos by then, I wouldn't want it anymore...does that make more sense?

samuel said...

Yup, now that you have made it clearer, it does make sense.

If that is the case then I probably wont asked again too because no point forcing the person to give you something then they not happy, you not happy, everyone not happy. In such a case then I'll probably get it for myself or learn to live without.

btw, I would still like a PS3...dang, had to ask a second time.

haha. Cheers Miss B!

B said...

Erm PS3 you gotta ask someone else...I'm a Chinese Jew...no money


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