Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Feet II

Okay, so it seems like all Louboutins might look oh-so-pretty but when it comes to walking around in heels, even Louboutins make my feet feel like they're in some ancient feet torture treatment. How some women could strut around all day in towering heels is beyond me . Needless to say, my three pairs of Louboutins aren't getting that much mileage cos I've gone back mostly to my trusted flats.

And now, I have a new addition to my Toms family cos I got a pair of Toms in Black Glitter (courtesy of Mr Bear) and I LOVE IT! I've loved Toms Shoes cos they're super comfy and the best thing is that, for every pair you buy, they give away a pair to a child in need of shoes. So it's a shoe brand with a very good conscience! I've written about it more than a year ago and you can read more here. These are so a dressier version of their usual canvas shoes and it's so pretty...

Apparently Toms makes wedges too and they look pretty nice as well. The only problem is that I've never tried them on and I'm not sure if it'll fit my feet. They're also not available in Singapore either so might have to wait until they come in. Or maybe I'll just buy one pair blind without trying online....we'll see...but they look really pretty! Oh in Singapore, Toms shoes are available at Rockstar

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