Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In memory of Uncle Vincent

You are dearly missed by all of us. Especially the amazing fried eggs with soya sauce you so lovingly made for me upon request! I'll always remember you buying me a Smurfette plush toy with your own pocket money. It was so generous of you because I was a tiny kid and you were probably just in your late teens. A very handsome one no less.

I was endearingly told that when I was an infant, you would carry me to look at Kingsman the German Shepard when I was a toddler just to make sure he wouldn't bite me and chew me up. You and Uncle Desmond apparently saved my little life when Kingsman saw a baby for the first time and thought that it was food!

One day, when I have my own kids (or have friends over), I would make them your amazing Uncle V's fried eggs and tell them fondly about you. I would recount how I would keep pestering you to cook me those eggs. So much so that you would jokingly say that you'd give me those "eggs" you poop out in the loo, refuse to cook because of the trouble but only to relent later because you doted on me so much.

Once, some years back, while I was having pretty horrible virile fever, you came over with Aunty Yuleen with orange juice and food because you know I live alone. I remember how my face lit up in gratitude at the sight of the groceries you so kindly brought over.

Oh! I probably have my passion for perfume from you other than from my grandma. You always smelled awesome and we all said you were always so heavy-handed with your perfume that your clouds of fragrance forever walked in 10 steps ahead of you lol!

Thank you for being the best uncle I've ever had. Being your niece has been a blessing. Lots of your friends came over for the last 2 days. They spoke so fondly of you. You were a great man and an amazing husband to Aunty Yuleen they said, and they are right.

I miss you deeply. We all do. I'll see you at the other end of the rainbow bridge one day and let me attempt to cook you your famous egg again for a change.

I love you Uncle Vincent. Rest in peace.


Tiffany said...

Hello Bmuses,

i am so sorry to hear about the loss, but life and death is part and parcel of everyone life. i am sure and really believe, your beloved uncle will bless you in the heaven and he is always there to protect you and wishing you with happiness. :)

jason said...

Madamoiselle, my condolences and he will be sorely missed, just remember to keep a compartment for him in your heart.
Take care!


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