Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Pole Addiction

The unfortunate demise of my previous Power Plate studio marked the end of my personal training sessions last September. Since then,  I've been in and out of different fitness regime, switching between yoga and swimming while I spent many days giving in to sloth instead. I blamed it on the fact that I simply couldn't find anything that could really captivate and motivate me to be consistent in keeping fit until some months back where I started pole dancing again.

It wasn't my virgin attempt cos I popped my pole dancing cherry back in 2005 when it just started in Singapore but I only did one term. Now I'm back on it and I've been hooked. I'm a 100% pole addict and I can't imagine not dancing. To die for is the major adrenaline rush from it and the post-workout endorphin-induced bliss after. Ohhh suddenly the heavens open, the angels sing and life has a meaning! Exaggeration yes but the pole classes are something I so look forward to!

Yes the pole and the towering heels that look more like weapons of mass destruction

Two refresher lessons later, a pole suddenly appeared in my apartment...yeah, I got myself a pole and then came a couple of pole dancing shoes. Oh, yes, a a pole dance dolly personal too. When I dance, the universe transform me to Bambi Sparkles! Those pole dancing shoes are endearingly named "CFM" shoes cos CFM stands for "Come Fuck Me". Well, these towering heels scream porno don't they? Hahaha..... It wasn't just for show cos it makes twirling around the pole easier, adds weight to certain positions when you need extra momentum, and not to mention it makes the body line longer and sexier, making you LOOK like you have legs that run all the way up to your armpits.

Anyway, this post is for me to gush about how much I LOVE pole dancing and that all women should at least try it once cos it's super fun and a freaking good workout. It totally works out the arms, abs and legs and when you do a complete choreograph of routine, it's a pretty good cardio workout. It's nothing less than hardcore! I sweat buckets in class and it's the workout that I would never need to drag my ass to. In fact, I couldn't get enough and if it isn't for the sore muscles and bruises I get (yes, you do get quite some bruises), I would do it everyday!

There's absolutely nothing sleazy about pole dancing cos it's been frown upon quite a bit by the uptight peeps cos they'd wonder why you wanna do dances synonymous with strippers but trust me, it's all very tasteful. It's sensual and not sexual and it requires a lot of muscles to do it. Not convinced? Check these two videos out.

She's apparently the winner of this year's pole dancing competition...impossibly graceful with so much strength. It's really acrobatic. She's a teacher at the school too

I prefer choreography compared to the acrobatic display above but this is smokin' hot!

If my gushing has kinda enticed you to think about taking a class, you should really go to Bobbi Pole Studio at Queen Street cos it's simply the best pole dancing studio in Singapore. They started in Australia by the founder Bobbi (duh...but by the way she's the sexy hot chick in the second video above) and they made it to Singapore as a franchise. So the studio in Singapore has very structured classes that follow the ones in Australia. They have a one-hour trial class every Saturday so you can go join it if you're curious and would like to have a taste of what a pole dancing class is like. Just to give you an idea, you'll start off with a long warm up sessions to keep the muscle flexible and warm and it goes for about 10 to 15 minutes before the real class begins. We have women of all shapes and sizes in class so there's no need to be shy cos we all go there for a good time in a very supportive environment with very lively and witty instructors!

Anyway, I can't get enough of it and I'm a very happy pole addict and I'm writing this post while I'm high of the post-pole dancing class endorphin high!


Anonymous said...

where did you get your shoes from? thanks.

B said...

You can get it from Amazon. The brand I got is called "Pleaser" so you can just search for "Pleaser heels" and you should be able to find a couple. There're also other online shops that sell them too. Try Electrique Boutique. Hope this helps

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