Thursday, June 02, 2011

June Muse 2011

Reading: A Spy in the House of Love by Anais Nin. Better known for her erotic novels, Nin had an expressive ways of writing despite being a bit convoluted in her description at times. Nonetheless, I do like her  style and creativity in her descriptive language.

Eating: Home made Tofu Burger with Tofu Burger this Tofu Burger mix from Meidi-Ya at Liang Court. Not too bad. You just need to mesh up one block of firm tofu and mix it with the Tofu Burger mix with bare hands and then knead them into little patties before you pan fry them and serve them up in burger, lettuce, tomatoes and a yummy slice of viola! Vegetarian burger!

Wearing: H&M fuchsia pink skirt I picked up during my recent Hong Kong trip. Love the strong hue and it's in line with the current bright and neon spring trend....very comfy too. Love it.
I dig the H&M beaded bracelets too. I bought a big chunks of them in different colors and I wear them all stacked up. I love chunky bracelets and bangles! This is a very good alternative to all those nice big chunky bangles that are way too big for my wrist...I know you're supposed to have it lose and use that wrist bone to stop the bangle from falling off but I always have this fear of injuring my toe in the event that the heavy bangle falls off and land on the yeah, I'll stick to beaded bracelets for now....

Also wearing Lanvin Jeanne La Plume perfume. I'm usually not a fan of sweet fruity perfume but while I was at the airport passing time, I spritz on the limited edition La Plume and actually quite liked it cos it's super light and doesn't overwhelm like most sickly sweet perfume. It's light and smells like orange candy! And I got it as a present from Mr Bear...lalalalala......

Using: YSL Touche Eclat....Okay, I'm back to using the classic and much celebrated Touche Eclat cos I finished my Fresh concealer and wanted a pen type and I just went back to YSL. Let's just say I totally forgot how much I used to love this. I remember years ago, when I tried it, the formula seemed to be a bit dry around the eye area and it got a bit cakey, but now, I'm not sure if it's because they've improved the formula or what but it seems so much better. It's light and doesn't cake. I love it. Looks like it's here to stay.

Ettusais Quick Fix Powder. Oh, I gave in to the nice pink packaging...It's so pretty and it's nice to have in your bag but it's pretty good for touching up the mid-day shine. I wouldn't say it's exceptional but it does the job well

Loving: Sophie Theallet for Nine West shoes. So pretty! And it's by Sophie Theallet, a French designer who has worked with heavy weights like Jean Paul Gaultier and Azzedine Alaia. She collaborated with Nine West for a series of spring shoes and they're gorgeous. It's super comfy too cos they're high wedges you can absolutely walk in....

Ettusais Peeling Milk. Now this is awesome cos it's an exfoliating milk that's a bit similar to Cure Water but it's much better. It actually leaves the skin very soft and supple and I use it 3 times a week. Smells really nice too and I'm totally addicted to this. I't's by far the best clumping flakey (the type where you rub and flakes come off type...dunno how else to describe it) exfoliating product I've tried. Use it on dry face with dry hands though or it won't work. But yes, try has a very good skin softening effect and my skin feels very smooth and soft after.


Anonymous said...

i also like touche eclat--better yet, twin pack for just over $90 on SQ flights; 10% off if you're PPS or when they run promos

i also bought the ettusais powder...packaging is too cute!


Tiffany said...

hey bmuses!
it's the time of the month for monthly muses :)
YSL is pulled out of singapore, do you buy their makeup from Hongkong or airport or you think our duty free store in orchard road stocks up too? love to get up after reading your raves! :)

as for ettusais peeling milk, sounds appealing too. i am always wanted to buy a skin softener and i know shisedo have one but their skincare is notorious of alcohol so i skipped this brand now ettusais sounds too good, like to give it a try! but may i know what's ur skin type? mine is slight sensitive at cheek area..


B said...

@HL, I saw the twin pack but then I wasn't sure if I would get sick of it so I got the single one. But I'll get the twin one for sure next time cos I like it more now. What color you use? I'm using No.2

And yes, I think the ettusais powder is more like a deco in my bag nice to look at.

@Tiffy, Oh I didn't know they've pulled out. No wonder I don't see YSL in Sephora. But are there any YSL counter left. I haven't really noticed any cos I remember they had one in Tangs but I haven't looked around the beauty hall since. I got my in HK airport. Oh then I'd better ask someone to get more for me!!

I think Shiseido does have an alcohol free version if I'm not wrong. My old company hahaha...I like their White Lucent range a lot. The ettusais peeling milk does have some alcohol if I'm not wrong but apparently what I've learned is that not all types of alcohol are bad for the skin. Some worse than another. So I guess if you moisturize right after using the peeling milk, then it's fine.

I don't have super sensitive skin though, I have dry skin so exfoliating is very important or it gets all dull. I guess you should try it out at the counter just in case you're sensitive to it.

Anonymous said...

i use #2...i used at least 4-5 tubes years ago b4 i stopped for a couple of years and now i'm back on it, it's the best

YSL has pulled out its beauty line from Asia where it's distributed by l'oreal due to changes in biz strategy or something. but you can still buy the stuff from DFS at orchard and at the airport coz it's not distributed by l'oreal but by nuance-watsons (i think, anyway it's some other distributor) -hl

Tiffany said...

ok, thanks! yes YSL pulled out of singapore about 2 years plus already...i will go check out the duty free in scotts road, think that is the only place they have some YSL beauty product.

Tiffany said...

@HL - ok thanks! :) hope it's not marked up in DFS . we are not tourist and we are just a 9 - 6pm poor blue collar workers so go easy on the price . wahahaha


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