Friday, June 10, 2011

Serious Kelly Lusting

I want a Kelly Relax by Hermes! It's a serious lust item! I've never been a fan of Hermes despite the cult status of Birkins cos despite the meticulous and impeccable workmanship, I always think the their bags look overly structured, stiff and old-fashion. I honestly think that it's more like a cult status thing that they're so coveted cos if you have held a Birkin before, you'll know that it's freaking heavy!

Old versus new....side by side for a comparo

Anyway, that said, Hermes re-issued an updated version of the Kelly called the Kelly Relax and omg I LOVE IT. Among the Hermes's repertoire of bags, Kelly is my favorite and at one point I actually would love to have one despite it being boxy and brief-case like but then the Kelly Relax is just perfect! It's a soft slouchy modern-take to the classic and it's so much nicer. At least you won't accidentally jab your thigh or someone else's thigh with the sharp old Kelly edges for sure.

Sadly, this will remain as a lust item....unless I struck lottery of course.....


Jess said...

How much is it?? :)

B said...

$11,000 USD last checked. Could be more. Not too sure.

Anonymous said...

no need to strike lottery so kuazhang la. take it as motivation to work that chinese jew regime. -hl

Audrey said...

what about those hermes inspired bag that is sold in blogshop or pushing cart? maybe that help u to see if u like such design for long and see if it's compatible with ur wardrobe before u really invest in a $11K bomb? :P

B said...

@HL, will need a small windfall still cos I don't think I'm gonna strike lottery, leave alone 1st prize!!

@Audrey, nah, I'm quite against "inspired" items cos it's a bit like rip off to me. The way I look at it is that, if can't afford, don't buy and don't buy rip off also. And I don't think I'll invest cos a 5-figure handbag is no way within my budget!!!


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