Monday, June 06, 2011

Rachel K BB Cream

Okay, I've never thought I would write this post cos I cringe when it comes to any celebrity/public figure-endorsed products. To me, endorsements are always gimmick and a way to use someone's name to sell stuff and I know some people (I can't name names here) who don't even touch the products they endorse.

So when my friend told me the Rachel K BB Cream is good, I didn't even bother listening cos come on, what would a beauty queen know about making skincare stuff? To begin with, I've never been a big fan of BB cream and could never understand what's the big deal about it. So if those BB cream manufacturers can't make one that I like (trust me, I've tried many), then I can't possibly expect an ex-beauty queen to do a good BB Cream right?

That's when I was very wrong cos I hate to admit this, but the Rachel K BB Cream is really the best BB Cream I've used and since buying my own tube a couple of days ago, I've been using it everyday and intend to do so in the future.

My friend was insisting that I try it cos her mom bought it randomly and she tried it out of curiosity and now swears by it. So I gave in and said she should just gimme the tube to try cos I refuse to buy something and then chuck it out if I don't like it. And guess what? I ended up running to Watsons to buy one because this really is an awesome product. I'm now considering buying the pressed powder after being won over by the BB Cream.

Thing is, it's not really a BB Cream cos it's apparently a new version of BB Cream that's called CC Cream (So weird that it's no longer BB and now CC, what's next? DD?) and it means Colour Control Cream. It's supposedly the new and improved version of BB Cream and the Rachel K one is a mineral based version which is good for the skin. It also contains other skin care ingredients like white tea and green tea extract, deep sea water, Vitamin E etc. That I don't really care cos all BB Cream promises superb skin care properties but the performance of this BB or rather CC Cream is what's worth mentioning.

The traditional BB Creams I've tried always have a sticky and slightly oily texture after application and most of them don't really give good oil control despite what they claim and Singapore's a place that'll really give oil control skin care a good test drive. And many other BB Creams just failed for that and despite having dry skin, my face will still be oily by mid day. The Rachel K one, however, actually finishes to a very lovely texture and it's a matte finish with no stickiness and oily feeling. It's smooth and powdery in fact. The oil control property is excellent to say the least cos by mid day (I wear my usual 2-way foundation on top to set it), I don't see much of a shine.

I haven't been using any BB Cream for a long while before the Rachel K one and usually, I'll blot my face once in mid-day and the blotter will always pick up quite some oil. With the Rachel K CC Cream, there's a lot less oil on the blotter. It reduces by half at least (less in fact) and it doesn't cake my foundation and the lasting power is really good too. So I really love it. The nice scent is also a plus since smell is super important to me.

I'm totally sold. Truly impressed cos I really didn't expect our ex-beauty queen to come up with such a fabulous product. Apparently, HK celebrity make up artist, Zing, swears by it too. and I can totally see why as well. You can read more here (Haha, I think he looks a bit like Chen Xiao Chun 陈小春)...Okay, I'm side-tracking.

The verdict is: Rachel K CC Cream rocks and if you're looking for a BB Cream, get this one cos I've tried many (from Skin79 to L'erge to Elisha Coy to Hana etc) and this really is THE WINNER. And just so you know, I'm not paid to write this. So it's really based on my own review!


Anonymous said...

i've heard good things about this too

i like the skin79 bb powder in the round purple compact. -hl

B said...

Ohhh thank god I'm not the only one who thinks the Rachel K cream is good cos I really don't like all the endorsement products and avoid them like the plague...but this one really is good...

I tried the Skin79 powder in hot pink. Not bad but then the color is a bit too white and it's a tad heavy though...I dunno why all the BB this and that mostly have one shade...strange...

Tiffany said...

Hey bmuses this is an interesting beauty post, kudos! :) i am totally on your side on thoughts of beauty queen skincare :P yes, i also heard from a colleague she is using Rachel CC cream and it gives her a nice glow. Bmuses, can i check with you on the shade? is it yellow or pinkish tone ? pinkish tone will look good to enhance the fair skin, yellow tone is good to correct some dullness.

does it gives a slight glow, luminous sheen too?

and Rachel K also have their mineral powder foundation too, it's always sold out in the watson on the fair shade. so in the end i never buy anything, maybe you can try pairing up this Cc cream with their powder, this will give a even more flawless finish i think hehe! :)

B said...

@Tiffy, I normally only have negative stuff to say about beauty queen but then this one really has done a good product. So I give her credit for it.

The BB cream is very pinkish! Not the greyish and too brown-ish hue that I've seen in other BB cream. So it really does brighten the face. Though I think it's really more suitable for fair people. I'm on the fair side and I can imagine it to be a bit too light for others.

My friend bought the powder after loving the cream but she got the lightest shade cos she's also fair but it looked very very white and she told me she totally couldn't wear it and she's about the same tone as I am. So if I'm gonna buy, I'll probably have to get the medium color instead.

I wouldn't say it glows cos usually glow comes from products with light reflecting pigments but it does brighten the face overall. The finishing is really good too cos it's matte. Not too moist and sticky and not too dry either. Thumbs up. Been wearing it everyday.

Maybe when I finish my powder first cos need to save money!

Tiffany said...

thanks bmuses, looks very much like this CC cream is a keeper :)

Ling said...

hi, was googling for Rachel K and arrived at your post. can i know what's the powder you use to finish off this CC cream? i like to buy after hearing your raves :)

B said...


I use my regular foundation over it and pat it very lightly instead of applying the foundation. It's more to set the cream.

I use Ettusais Sparkling Pack

Anonymous said...

Can someone please help me out? I been so desperately trying to find information on how I can order Rachel K cream online but have no luck. As far I know you can only purchase it through Watson in Singapore or in Asia? Please tell me how I can get my hands on this product online?

B said...

@Anon 4.10am, unfortunately, I think it's only sold in Singapore and Hong Kong if I'm not wrong and they don't have an online store.

You might need to get a friend to buy it for you and send over :(

LW said...

Hi there!

I live in the US and I was just wondering how much is the Rachel K CC Cream? If you could please let me know I would be really grateful. Thank you!


B said...

Hi Dianne,

Sorry for the tardy reply. It slipped my mind! Apologies!

It's about $38 Singapore Dollars so it's quite affordable!

Ling said...

there is also a new pink packaging of Rachel K cc cream spotted in watson lately, do you know what's the difference between this pink CC cream and the original black cc cream?

i googled , wanting to show u but no images found..looks like it's really a very new offering.

B said...

Hey Ling,

No idea cos since doing the switch to mostly organic products, I don't really shop that much at Watsons! But now I'm curious to go have a look to see what it is haha...

Anonymous said...

may i knw you are using the original or neutral?

Liz said...

for the anon you can find it on ebay!
just search rachel K!!
they have both the mineral and the pink one!


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