Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sex & Food

F: I just had KFC. It was so good when I was eating it but then after I'm done, I feel so grossed out now!

Miss B: I know...just like random one-night-stand shag. Good while it lasts but shitty afterwards

F: Oh, that's a pretty good if that's random shag, what food is good sex?

Miss B: What kind of good sex?

F: How about those crazy lusty carnal good shags?

Miss B: That would be gourmet fine dining in fancy restaurants....

F: Erm...okay. Then those soulful, emotional love-making sex?

Miss B: Gourmet food that not only tastes good but is also healthy and non-fattening....

F: Oh then what kind of shag is food that looks good but taste lousy?

Miss B: Bad sex with good looking hotties or model type...good to look at, lousy in the sack....

F: The type that is yummy but leaves you hungry?

Miss B: Premature ejaculation and the session gets truncated and you get frustrated

F: Hmmm....what about those beer goggle shag? Wake up the next day to find out the person looks crap?

Miss B: Easy! That's realizing whatever you have just eaten has indeed been expired and now you regret eating it cos diarrhea is coming

F: Wahahahaha! How apt! Adulterous cheating sex?

Miss B: No brainer! Eating fried anything while you're on a diet or drinking fat coke instead of diet coke

F: this one...hard one, pun intended....what food is sex with men with shockingly small penis?

Miss B:.....*think real hard* cocktail sausage

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