Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby Power

I've been using my Soap&Glory Righteous Body Butter Lotion and it's been sooo divine with its nice smell but at times, I want a more pampering scent. Soap&Glory has got a very girly sexy scent but there're times when I wans something erm...nurturing...and I've got just the right body butter for the time I want a nurturing feel and it's the Body Shop Buriti Baby Body Butter.
It contains Buriti Oil from the Amazonian "Tree of Life" which has very nourishing properties of soothing, softening, and protecting skin from dryness. And the shea butter in it provides the antioxidant vitamin E. The texture is wonderful cos it melts into the skin and gets absorbed really well. It's great for people with sensitive skin cos it's so mild that apparently paediatricians approve of it according to The Body Shop. And the best bit? It's got a very very nice calm smell, that milk sweet smell on top of a baby's head! Oh and I have the shower gel to go along nicely with it's a wonderful treat!


Anonymous said...

o i love this range; used the shampoo and shower gel, total love! only thing i hate about it is that it never goes on sale, unlike 99% of the body shop's stuff! --hl

B said...

Ohhh is the shampoo good? I'm tempted to get it. But then no conditioner to go with though....yes it's never on sale HERE but apparently it goes on sale in UK like NOW. Damn it....

Tiffany said...

Hi b muses,
have a safe trip back home, when are u heading off, 6 days time right according to your previous post. what airline are u taking ? :)

nice baby powder, i wanna try too. what about your facial exfoliator, do you have any favorite? looking forward to your Jan muses soon :)

B said...

Hi Tiffany,

Yes, try the body butter, it's really good. But don't buy the body lotion cos I got it but it leaves a very strange after-smell on the skin which wasn't very nice. So must get the body butter instead.

Yup, flying off on Friday by Cathay!

For facial exfoliator, I either use the Japanese Cure Water from Watsons and the Kose Sekkisei Black mask actually lift off dead skin when you peel it off. Worth a try.


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