Friday, December 31, 2010

My favorite Petite Princesses!

I've been having so much fun lately hanging out with my very young cousins Lila and Isabelle. Lila's 7 and Isabelle 5 (yes, I'm more than 2 decades older but well, my very very cool aunt gave birth to Lila when she was 50 years old. Yes, you saw it. 50). They're the funniest and cutest people I know! And they're oh so pretty!!

Here they are!! Lila on the left and Isabelle on the right. 
Many said they look like twins

Isabelle looking grumpy as she gets her hair braided by my mom
She hates it when people take picture of her and ask her to smile
Lila's turn...she's a lot camera friendly 

Well yes, they're the coolest girls and I have soooo much fun hanging out with them and playing too. And they say the funniest things that make me laugh. Totally makes me wanna have little girls one day too! 

And during our New Year's Eve family dinner, they both made me presents!! Look! It's nicely wrapped with my favorite gnome wrapping paper

I think it's the Ikea garden gnome. Like me, Lila loves gnomes!
 Ohhh the little bag with two purple amethyst and miffy bunny is from Lila
The two petals and a sea shell is from Isabelle

Upon close inspection, the little miniature hand bag is hand sewn by Lila (she's only 7!)
And she made the beaded strap too!!!! Awwwww.....
I totally love my gift! Such treasures!!! I'm so very touched and it's now my very prized possessions and I'm gonna keep it until Lila's much older and then give it back to her one day! And I'm gonna put it at my work desk when I get back to SG and I'm gonna start writing snail mails with them! It'll be super fun! Now I have excuse to buy some nice stationary and cute letter pads!!! Very excited! I've got new pen pals!

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