Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Apricot Macaroon...yum

Hehehe,,,not talking about the dessert macaroon from Laduree (though I would never resist one!) but the new blusher from Majolica Majorca! It's called the Macaroon cos the packaging really does look like a macaroon.! They launched a new set of blusher with 4 colors and they look so pretty!

Again, it's HL's fault that I ended up buying the Apricot Macaroon at $22.50 (there was a 20% off when I got it so it's cheaper) cos she was the one who told me about it!! HL is forever telling me about new stuff to buy! Well she told me a lot more but I only relented to this one cos the packaging is TOO cute to resist and it doesn't cost a bomb so it's fine.

I got the Apricot one cos it's a peachy orange shade cos I've tried a lot of pink shades but then I still think a peachy shade looks best on me. And not only is the little tin super gorgeous, the puff is so pretty with a purple and pink ribbon! Super girly and how the hell do you say no to such awesomeness?

So is it good? Thing is, these days, make up items usually don't suck so much if you're talking about point make up and not say foundation which requires more careful selection. So to be honest, I can't never tell if one blusher is better than another cos unlike your eyes, the powder doesn't crease on your cheeks and most blushers do have some degree of staying power. So I can just say that this is not a bad blusher BUT the problem is that, yes the powder puff is oh-so cute, it also is a little too big to allow precise application of the blusher.

Think about it, if you're gonna pat on the blusher using that big puff, you'll honestly look like a circus clown with two round circular rouge spots on your face. So applying this blusher with the powder puff that comes along with it is a bit tricky cos if you're a bit too heavy-handed, you'll find yourself frantically wiping off the excess. You really have to use very light feathery strokes which can be frustrating when you're rushing off to work in the morning. And because of the packaging, it'll be so troublesome to take off the tin cap, then the powder puff, then the protective plastic film before you can use a proper blusher brush to apply the color. So that's the downside for sure.

But well, thing is, it's sooooo pretty I couldn't resist it and I still use it. I'm not exactly complaining really cos I'm so shallow when packaging is concern! It's just so pweeeety....And the bloody Japanese are so damn good with this whole packaging business....oh well...

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