Monday, March 28, 2011

Botox for an 8 Year Old???

I swear the world is probably nearing an end cos these days, there're all sorts of freaks out there! HL sent me a link last week on some crazy mother who gave her 8-year-old daughter botox jab and restylane filling!!! (??) Click here to read the full story.

This woman is whacked and someone ought to call the social service cos she's some scary pageant mom who's trying to make her daughter into a star. I pity the girl cos she said that the jabs used to hurt and it was painful but now she's okay cos she wanna be pretty. The now the 8-year-old is apparently asking her mom to giver her the botox "top up" every now and then saying she's seeing wrinkles and the precocious girl is also saying how she can't wait to have boobs and get her first nose job. And the most scary thing is, the mom, who's just some beautician, actually administers the botox and filler jabs to her daughter! I guess she probably has to cos no aesthetic doctor in the right mind would give an 8-year-old botox jab, let alone filler. 

Honestly, I dunno what's wrong with this woman...she's probably delusional cos she herself and her daughter are obviously not star or model material and who knows what she's gonna do next? Pimping her daughter to some rich business man or paedophilic producers hoping to make her daughter a star? It's got the perfect ingredient of a teenage train wreck in the making....Much as I feel sorry for them, I'm also curious to see how her plan unfolds....but I guess the bottomline is that, some people are not meant to be parents. They're not cut out to be and they ought to be barred from being one.


Bettie said...

That really hurts! I agree with you. I think she's not meant to be a parent for now. And to think that it can be harmful for a child to use that. But I have nothing against cosmetic procedures, as long as they are used appropriately, and are administered by a licensed surgeon.

B said...

I have nothing against cosmetic procedures too. I mean if it makes you happy, why not. But on a child??? And to the extent that the girl is actually saying that she can't wait for her nose job? Poor girl, she's gonna grow up thinking that she'll never be good enough! And probably end up with some kind of Body Dsymorphic Disorder! Horrible mother!

Botox NYC said...

This has been reported that the news is actually just a plot. They were paid by some network to play the script.

Mario Artero said...

I consider it a barbarity to apply Botox Ourense to a 9-year-old girl, I do not think it's something very correct.


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