Wednesday, March 23, 2011

State of (fashion) Emergency

Who are the world's fashion leaders that ought to be declared as an urgent state of fashion emergency? First we have Uncle Kim aka Pyongyang who not only scares the world with all the nuclear weapon issues but also his fashion sense....

Who can forget his choice of tracksuit looking thing in muted color paired with shades and his signature paunch? But these days, he'd better work harder to catch up cos another world leader has knocked Uncle Kim off his reign as the world fashion icon....

Hello Qaddafi! Qaddafi not only has made news with all the Libya civil violence but he's also stirred up much interest in his wardrobe choices and I'm sure many fashionitas have pressed the panic button to declare a state of "Fa-shawn Emurrrrgency"'s why...Exhibit A to F

Do you even need to play "Spot the odd one out" here?

Make space for my fabric Barack!

Bad hair day?

Someone should fire his hair stylist

Stock list for his shirt: CK Department Store in Chinatown

Channeling his inner Tony Manero ala Saturday Night Fever

I'm sure Uncle Kim is probably busy working with his team of fashion consultant to outdo Qaddafi...but one thing I do wonder they both visit the same hair salon? Here's why...

Kim to Qaddafi: I'm smirking cos my pouf is higher than yours! 
Qaddafi to Kim: I bet your hair spray is radioactive....

Or is this pouffy coiffed hair the preferred hairdo of the not-so-peace-loving men? I wonder....Can someone call Anna Wintour to talk to these two blokes already???


tiffany said...

I laugh till I can't sleep la darling haha

Anonymous said...

i may not agree with his choice of clothes; but i gotta say the man has style. -hl

B said... I'm sure he's a A-lister in the Worst Dressed List...seriously, what's with the hair?


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