Friday, March 25, 2011

School Bully

My friend Sophion the makeup guru showed me this video clip of school bullying in Australia where a 12-year-old skinny boy was punching a 16-year-old chubby boy and making fun of him. It was bad cos the school bully literally punched his face and his stomach and the poor boy just stood there and let him abuse him. But the good thing was that the chubby boy finally couldn't take it and retaliated and he grabbed the 12-year-old up and body slammed him down on the floor. OMG that was soooo awesome cos I literally clapped my hands and went "YES! You go boy!" when he did that. The bully got suspended for 21 days whereas the bigger boy 4 days for the fact that he got violent too. But if I were the principal, I would just gave the bigger boy a warning and not suspend him.

Have you been a victim of school bully or were you a school bully before?? I got bullied once apparently but that was when I was in kindergarten. It happened when I was on my way home on board of the school bus. Some psycho girl grabbed my hand for no reason and she bit my arm so hard that it bled and I was screaming. Then she went for it again and bit me again like a crazy mouth foaming rabbis dog and didn't let go until I couldn't take it and fought back.

I slapped her head off my arm with my other hand and then bit her back and apparently I bit her so hard that a chunk of her flesh came off....Yup, so that was me being the bullied who fought back. Well, I think we got barred from the school bus cos I don't remember taking the bus to school anymore after that.


Tiffany said...

I am not sure if you can consider my case as school bully but if it left a dent in my self esteem and ego then it must be hitting me. ok what happened is during secondary, i was considered the outcast. i can't gel with anyone. i wasn't the fattest but i was surely the most quiet little meek, sit in one corner cat. the fact is even the fattest one can gel with the rest but i don't like..funnily, not that i am rude, nope not at all, i was friendly when socialize..just that i like that sense of quiet peace but in sec days, everyone just turn more showy and want to be prove "i am popular" so in a way, i was unfortunately booted out in the class by my uniqueness..ahem, silent. nothing wrong but i can't go with the social flow so i become out cast. they didn't really bully me as in physically but u know u are always left out whenever the guy helped other girl take the school book from the backend cabinet, my book is always left with dust there. with my big geeky glass, i take it myself :(

Lifen said...

i wasn't a school bully but i understand how you feel :) i am surprised you even remember a kindergarden incident till now!

B said...

Tiffany, bully doesn't mean physically bullying alone. I think what you experienced is psychological bullying by excluding you in things. That sucks too. People can be so mean sometimes...

Lifen, Yes, I still remember!! There's still a little bite mark on my arm till NOW!! It was a really vicious bite! And even my mom still talks about it till these days! Haha


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