Friday, March 04, 2011

Beauty & The Freak?

Beauty trends and the ideal of beauty change over time. You see eyebrows going from thin to thick, flat to arched. Lip colors from dark to light, matte to glossy. Eye shadows from the 80s solid 3-tone to the blended smoky eyes today. These days, what is prominent in our part of the world (erm, Asia that is), however, is the emergence of the human dolls!!

Started mostly in Japan and probably first pioneered by J-pop queen Ayumi Hamasaki , the human doll "Kawaii" look is fast catching up everywhere and you're seeing more and more girls sporting the contact lens with huge iris circumference, exaggerated eyeliner, thick wads of faux eyelashes and pale porcelain skin that looks almost pore-free. Oh of course that super kawaii pouffy hair with big bow and baby bangs that make them look like a delicate porcelain doll.

A recent survey  (click here to read) showed that Japanese women wear the most make up most frequently and having the right makeup is a social rule to observe in the land of the rising sun. *Yaaawnnn* I mean, seriously, how about telling me something I don't already know? If you've been to Japan, you'll wonder if half the country's GDP is powered by cosmetics sales cos they're everywhere! You see shops after shops of cosmetics stores selling all kinds of beauty products and there're probably 348309483098430 different make up items you can buy. So if you're a makeup and beauty junkie like I am, you'll be spoilt for choice. In fact, I got all giddy by the avalanche of products that I just started and felt lost and didn't know what to buy the last time I was there.

More girls on our shores are also sporting the look. I see more of this human doll looks everywhere but the most scary one is when my colleague sent me this link on how this girl from China is really taking the human doll look to its pinnacle. She looks so doll-like that most netizens are agreeing that she really looks like a Japanese blow up doll.

When I first saw it, I stared for a bit and wonder "Does she talk or move???" She looks like she's out of a freaking Japanese Manga book or Anime cartoon!! It's actually freaky and if I see her at night, I would scream and run! Apparently she's making a name for herself for her "beauty" especially with pervy lusty Korean and Japanese men, hmmm, probably the type that buys used or soiled panties from vending machines. Well, if she's a porcelain doll, yes, it would be a delicate and pretty one but as a human, erm...I don't consider that beautiful cos it's too artificial to be beautiful! I would even say it's scary and to a certain extend unappealing ("ugly" is a bit strong for this) and unattractive after looking at the picture for a little longer. But it makes me wonder if this is the new ideal of what beauty is about for the younger generation.....I dunno, and I don't quite understand the appeal of this. I mean how long can you do the dolly look? Let's hope they won't continue with this make up look when they're in their 30s or something then it would be really freaky....Maybe I'm getting older but I surely don't want to look like that! I'd rather have wrinkles and imperfections than looking like a doll!!

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