Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sea Salt Wonder!

Have I told you that I can't really have my hair short? Couple of reasons actually. Number one: my fengshui master said I should keep long hair and in the past, it's been tried and tested many many times that whenever I chopped off my locks, I'll get bouts of seriously bad luck. No, I've tried it many times and every time, a series of shitty events ALWAYS followed without fail. So I play safe now. Second reason is that my hair is super fine and it doesn't hold short style well at all. Years back, I've had short hair for a couple of years (yes, coupled with pretty rotten patch in my life as well) and much as I love that it makes me look more stylish and modern, my hair can't hold the style well even with the help of hair clay and hair wax. The hair texture just isn't right for shorter style cos for nice short crop, super fine hair makes it go a bit limp especially in this climate. I would wake up with okay hair, style it nicely, go out in the tropical heat, only to have the hair go limp and fall flat like a mop. I've always envied those who have nice short style that's so modern and trendy but I've also resigned to never having that kind of luck with my hair so I'm gonna keep mine straight from now on.

But after awhile, you kinda get bored with long hair. You play with colors. Light, dark, red or whatever you fancy. Then do you the long fringe, short bangs and everything in between. Or you can do the straight, curly, waves variations. One thing I know is that, my previous attempts to get perm for nice wavy curls all failed quite badly. I've tried Japanese soft perm. Failed. Cos my hair doesn't quite hold the curls and if I didn't put tons of curling products and then dry it with a diffuser, it'll look as if I didn't even perm my hair at all. Then I tried out digital perm. Also failed. Same thing. Not to mention the horrible drying effects and damage that the chemicals did to my hair. Then as my hair is now quite long and that the humid heat has always prompted me to twist my hair into a bun (I'm quite lazy and I can't stand having hair stuck to my sweaty neck when I'm in the heat), I get a pretty nice wave when I untie the bun. It's very natural looking and it looks as if I've had a nice perm.

So the other day, to enhance the effect of this little hair trick and to give my hair a bit more texture, I bought a sea salt spray from John Masters Organics at Sephora. Well, sea salt spray basically enhances waves and gives your hair volume by adding texture and all you have to do is just to spray some on and style your hair as usual. I've tried making some home-made sea salt spray with erm, well, obviously sea salt and water, but then it doesn't seem to work like the ones I've bought from the shop. In the past, I bought one by Bumble & Bumble but then they only sell Bumble & Bumble in Airport Terminal 3, so I'll have to settle for another brand.

It's quite hard to find Sea Salt Spray in Singapore but John Masters Organics does a pretty good Sea Mist Spray that's infused with lavender oil to counteract the drying effects of sea salts, not to mention that it really smells very very divine! Sea salt spray gives you a nice relaxed waves, so if you're after something to give you a properly defined curls, you'll have to use proper curling products instead. But if it's the kind of Giselle Bundchen kind of natural wavy look you're after, then sea salt spray is what works.

To use the sea salt spray, just spray it all over your hair and you can use it on either wet or dry hair. For me, I find that it's best to use it on dry but slightly damp hair. Thing is, you don't want to get too excited and spray too much cos sea salt spray also tends to have a bit of a clumping effect and with the spray on, your hair might get tangled up easier. Once you've got the spray on and spread it out evenly, you can style your hair as usual. If you want to just give your hair a boost in volume and texture, simply blow dry your hair using your fingers and never a hair brush or it'll defeat its purposes. If you have natural wave and just want to enhance the wave a bit, simply scrunch your hair a bit and let it dry naturally (from it being a bit damp), or if your hair is still wet, blow dry while scrunching it, but don't get the power too high with the hair dryer or it'll tend to frizz your hair.

If like me, you want to give your straight hair a bit of a wavy boost, then spray on the sea salt spray on damp hair, then part your hair into half and twist hair into 2 buns high on the head (like Chun Li from Street Fighter haha) and wait for it to dry and you can sleep in it. That's the best way to achieve wavy hair without a perm and the wave tends to last when you let your buns down. And viola!! If you need a bit more boost, then have a light bit of hair spray to make it hold but I normally don't cos I don't like too much stuff on my hair. But I'm totally loving this sea salt spray!


M said...

hey! I'm just wondering how much the sea salt spray cost and it'll be great if you can tell me the price cos I'm interested in getting it in singapore but haven't seen it around. Thanks!

B said...

Hey there,

The spray is $36 and I got it from Sephora at Ion. Not sure if the rest of the Sephora stocks it but the Ion one does for sure.

Anonymous said...

hey will it be suitable for people with oily scalp? eg. will it make it even oilier

B said...

Hi there, it won't make oily scalp worse because you're supposed to spray it on the hair and not the scalp itself. So it should work fine :)

AgnesM said...

I enjoyed your posts, candid with a sense of humour. :)
BTW, you can get it at ASOS for about S$26 because I also ordered it when there was a sale some time back.

B said...


Yes I saw it on Asos too! But Asos is dangerous! Cos I always end up buying a lot of other stuff haha!


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