Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I Heart Misery Bear!

Ohhh I just got to see this super cute comedy of "Misery Bear". It's quite funny but the poor chap always have mishaps and shit happening to him...and you'll go "awww poor bear" at the end but it's super cute and funny though! They've got an entire series!


Tiffany said...

the bear is so adorable :) it's so well done that we can't see any loophole of the manipulator e.g. the man behind moving the bear into action :)

PS: i am into half the clip, as i hear my boss flushing the toilet after his 1 min poo poo, so ya, i hear u nod ur head, i watch till 1min only and when he is going for another round, i will complete the rest. urgh!! now he is sitting behind me..u know those japanese office style that arranges like classroom hahaha

now my heart goes to the cute so cute so cute you know *imagine an auntie pinching a cute bear with super duper cutesy voice* wahahhha
thanks for sharing dear!

B said...

Hey Tiff, good to know you love Misery Bear! He's so cute and yes, my heart goes to him also. Like I can't wait for him to be happy! There's more on youtube and there's this one called "Dawn of the Ted" and it's the funniest in my opinion haha....


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