Friday, March 11, 2011

Francesca favorite dead photographer

Yes she is dead, at the tender age of 22 through suicide by jumping out of the window, but Francesca Woodman is definitely my favorite dead photographer. This year marks the 30th death anniversary of this brilliant photographer who has made a name of herself posthumously with a series of about 800 black and white photographs. Comprising of mostly self-portraits and other pictures of other woman models,  these photos are hauntingly grabbing with its almost surrealistic composition where an extended exposure is often used. You simply have to stare and look at it cos her photos totally grab you and force you to look at all the details in the pictures.

I would love to put up all her photos but I'll try not to bore you with my obsession with her but if you want to know more about her life, you can click here. But here's a youtube collage of some of her work if you're keen to see....

I totally love her work but it's kinda sad she got depressed from work and relationship issued and decided to end her life at the tender age of 22. Isn't it tragic that all these great talents all killed themselves and then got famous posthumously? Makes me wonder if they had pressed on for a bit more, would things be different? Or do you really have to suffer as a tortured dead soul before people take notice of your work? Oh well....

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