Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Glazed Look

My hair's dull....not just the style but the texture. Style wise, I can only have it long mainly because my hair texture is so soft and fine that it's permanently flat and it doesn't support any style at all. Years back, I used to have short style that's above the chin. Yeah, those cool crop or bob that's funky but it's a nightmare because it's only funky in the right weather that's NOT humid. So epic failure cos I can style it all nice in the morning with hair clay and the moment I walk out into the sun, it all goes flat thanks to the stupid humidity. How I managed to keep to the short style for about 2 to 3 years I'm not quite sure but I know that I don't have the patience anymore. 

Then I tried perming. Again, epic failure because it's so fine and soft it didn't take in the perm well. Even digital perm. Yes, even that. And to get nice curls, I have to apply curling lotion, twist hair into section and dry it with a hair diffuser, otherwise, you don't even see much of a curl there. So again, I gave up. 

Another reason why I keep to having it long beyond the shoulder is that, it's been tried and tested that the every time I chopped of my hair in the past, shit happens. It's like bad fengshui or something but every time I chopped off my lock into something short, it would be followed by a series of shitty events and it happened every time. So with that combination of reasons, I surrendered and I'm sticking to having it beyond shoulder length.

With long hair, you need to have it in good condition with a nice glossy sheen cos otherwise, it's gonna look matted and shitty and I've since been obsessed with glossy shiny hair and products that give your hair a nice shiny gleam. A couple of weeks ago, I tried this pretty nice product by Frederic Fekkai and it's the Fekkai Salon Glaze. 

It's a once or twice a week treatment that promises your hair a glossy shine and you use it after conditioning your hair. Yes, it's an extra step but it's totally worth it because it gives your a hair a very nice shine after. Only thing is, you'll need to use it a couple of times before it gets super glossy cos it gets better with each use. I suggest using it 2 or 3 times a week first, then twice a week and then you can do a once a week maintenance. You hair gets quite smooth as well and a lot manageable with less frizz too. So that's a bonus. My only complain? It feels a wee bit heavy on my hair but then, I have way too fine hair so even normal conditioner would be heavy for me but I figure it would work fine for most people. It's my weekly ritual now...only that I sometimes wonder why the hell I bother cos I wear my hair up most of the time because of the heat (I get heat rash around my neck if it gets too sweaty)...mehhh....I would like to have nice swooshy hair down but well, too bad my body isn't built to withstand heat so hair up is definitely the way to go for me. But for all of you out there who can stand wearing your hair down in this insane heat, the Salon Glaze would be your hair's new bff for sure! It's available at Sephora at $40. Not too bad right? 

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