Thursday, May 13, 2010

Herbal Helper

I've been using a new eyecream. And no, I haven't failed the Project Chinese Jew cos I bought it weeks ago. My Ettusais Eye Zone Massage which I use in the day just finished and some weeks ago, I happened to be at the pharmacy in front of a big shelf of Himalaya products and the promoter enthusiastically thrusted me a flyer for their new Under Eye Cream. And I took one look and grabbed one because it promises to:

  • Reduce dark circle by 80% in just 4 weeks
  • Reduces undereye wrinkles and fine lines by 28% in just 4 weeks
  • Brightens and smoothens eye contour
And best of all, it costs only $19.90 for the above mentioned miracle. Hope in a tube? Maybe and of course I'm hoping it's not just hope but facts...but since I need an eye cream for the day, I'm sold!

I've used it for about a bit more than two weeks now and well, the dark rings have yet to disappeared by 80% but it kinda works and I do like the texture of the cream. It's a light cream texture that gets absorbed quickly and there's no smell to it so I guess it should be suitable for sensitive skin. It's okay for the day but I find it not rich enough for me for night use so I use it before my Estee Lauder eye cream cos I sleep in freezing cold air con (the only way I can really sleep unfortunately). Thing is, I must say it's good with puffiness thus far cos I do feel the eye area a bit "tighter" than usual and not as puffy and my dark circles are a bit less obvious too!!...though it's definitely not by 80%...but thing is, how the hell do you measure the "dark-circle-ness" anyway??? These days, I'm actually wearing less concealer so I think it works and so it's worth a try!!!  But I'll have to wait for a month later before I can report back on whether it delivers the promise of banishing 80% of the dark circles...

Oh I should also update on how my natural lash extension is doing. It did fine and lasted about 3 weeks weeks (Click Here to read the old post) ! They haven't fallen off yet but some did come off which is normal and I got it redone yesterday cos I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I get paranoid when people stare at my imperfect lashes! But if I'm not so anal, I'm sure it can last for at least a month.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna stick to the natural version cos it's more comfortable to wear them and the most important thing is that, it doesn't hurt that lashes that much! When I was doing the barbie doll thick lash extension, a lot of eye lashes dropped off when I removed the extension and the lash line looked really sparse and sad..a far cry from my natural, pre-extension lashes. With the natural extension, the lashes don't really drop off, maybe one or two which is normal anyway but they definitely look a hell lot healthier and denser. So I guess, natural looking extension it will be for a loooong while now!!!


samuel said...

another way to help your Project Chinese Jew is probably to not sleep with a freezing cold air con. Progressively up the temperature until you are able to sleep with a cool air con instead of a freezing one.

It should help your pockets in terms of utility bills.

B said...

No WAYYYY!!!!!!! I cannot compromise on aircon cos I will not be able to sleep. Spoilt I know but really, no aircon, no shut-eye. So that's something you can't touch!

Anyway, I'm pleased to report that I haven't taken the cab to work this week other than Monday and that's cos I can claim it back. Hahah...

samuel said...

not asking u to turn off la. just up the temp a little.

Wow! Which means you manage to wake at 7am?

B said...

Can't turn the temperature down cos I would heat up. I'm a polar bear so air con is non-negotiable. I perspire too damn much and too damn easily :(

Haha yes, been waking up at 7am and tomorrow at 630am cos I have meeting at 730am...fml! Oh you should help me with Project Chinese Jew by clicking on the ads on my blog lah! When you see them that is. LoL

samuel said...

haha, just like my mom, another polar bear.

hmmm, if my mom and my evil twin are polar bears, i wonder why i'm a (insert some tropical animal here).

I must learn from you man! I've been waking later since the start of the year.

which ads? the one at the top (banners)?


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